Monday, January 4, 2010

So Far, So Good

  • It is now the first week of January and I haven't posted a GIVE! update. I promise you, I have not forgotten about posting my progress OR about the giveaway. It's coming!
  • Christmas decor is officially DOWN. I've never been excited about putting Christmas away. This year? I couldn't stand to look at it for another minute. Mrs. Scroogie Pants, here.
  • I don't make Resolutions for the new year, but dangit if I'm not going to get back in shape & actually like my body again. So far, so good. (Yeah, I know...the year is young).
  • As of today, I have 9 days left at my job. Like, 9 days total, not 9 business days. YEEHAW!
  • Mr. Lukie's position of "Acting Engineer" is being extended for another 6 months. Not exciting to you, I know. But that means another 6 months of Engineer pay! (ps: Engineer's at the fire station are the guys who drive the fire trucks/engines. "Acting" means that you have passed the promotions test & are now 'practicing' in that position. You don't actually get the promotion until an Engineer position becomes available)
  • My MIL finally returned one of Mr. Lukie's many phone calls to her over the past few months. I had sent her an email the night before she called. I'm not sure it if was a combination of the email and the phone call, or if it is just the New Year, or if it is our prayers being answered...or all of the above...but there has been reconciliation in that relationship, between us and her. We're not getting our hopes up for changes in her, but we were able to detail out our boundaries with her, and the consequences of those boundaries not being followed. I'm excited at the prospect of my husband having a relationship with his mother once again--one that I can support and be a part of.


  1. Well if you're a Mrs. Scroogie pants, than I am too, because all of my Christmas came down by December 27th ;)

  2. 1. Christmas decorations came down here and I am HAPPY :) There's no such thing as being a Scrooge after Christmas ;)

    2. Kinda jealous Mr. Lukie gets extra pay for driving the firetruck!!! Here it's just a given...the guys rotate each year.

    3. Glad to hear things with the MIL are looking up. Hopefully they continue that way!

  3. How bad is this? My Christmas decs are STIll up!


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