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Q&A, Part II

I have lumped the questions into "sections" that sorta go together (marriage/relationship, career, miscellaneous, etc) so that it makes for easier reading. And of course, if you still have a question (or 2, or 3!) feel free to post it in the comments or email me at!


What do you do for a living? 
**I'm a full-time student! I just quit my full-time job (as an Executive Assistant to a CPA) in the middle of January to go back to school. I have a BA in Psychology but feel that my calling is in Nursing, so I am finishing up my pre-requisites (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology & Organic Chemistry) to apply to Nursing School. It will be an accelerated program designed specifically for people who already hold a Bachelor's Degree, so instead of it taking 4 years, it will take anywhere from 12-24 months (depending on the program I am accepted into).

Do I remember correctly that you are going to be a nurse? If so, what kind of nursing do you want to do?
**Yep, you did! At this point in time, I have NO idea where in that profession I want to go. Since I will be obtaining my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), I am told I will have more of an advantage for management type positions than an RN with an Associates Degree. (We'll see what actually happens...besides, I'm not too sure I'm keen on the whole 'management' idea anyway). 

Regardless, I love working with children and I love working with elderly folks, so my guess is that I will do something more focused in those areas--either Pediatrics or Geriatrics. BUT when it comes time for clinicals, that could all change and who knows where I'll end up :) To be honest, I'm just one of your typical naive nursing students who "just wants to help people." I've been told that changes as school progresses & you actually land a job, but I'm holding out hope to be one of the few that feels that way more often than doesn't :)

I think I remember your husband is firefighter. Don't they work 24 hour shifts? How do you deal with that? I couldn't do it! Do you worry about him the entire time he's at work?
**He is :) My hubby does work 24-hour shifts, though I can't speak for all firefighters. Each department has their own schedule. So his schedule is 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, then 4 days off, then he repeats that 24 on/24 off cycle and then has 6 days off. Did I confuse you as much as I think I have? ;)

I know it sounds like it would be hard to handle, but really...I love his schedule. {I say that now...I may change my answer when there are babies in the picture!} Mr. Lukie was a firefighter when I met him, so this is the only schedule our relationship has ever known. And to be honest, it was difficult when we first started dating. Since I wasn't "special enough" yet to have been given a copy of his schedule (LOL!) I had no idea if he was at work or just not responding to my calls/text messages. 

Anyway, I love having 24 hours to myself. Essentially, I get to be "single" again for 24 hours--of course, only in the sense of going where I want, eating what I want, sleeping as late as I want, doing housework when I want, type stuff. Some nights, when I don't feel like making myself dinner or eating much, I'll treat myself to frozen yogurt instead :) Some days, I won't do a single chore all day long, but I'll get up extra early the next morning to get everything done before he gets home :)

At the risk of sounding insensitive & callous, I really don't worry about hubby while he's at work. Well, I should rephrase that--I don't worry about him losing his life on the job. They are trained to do what they do and I know that Mr. Lukie takes each and every precaution to keep himself & the other guys safe. He wants to come home safe & sound just as much as anyone else. What I do worry about is him getting injured on the job, leaving him unable to do what he loves to do. Being a firefighter (and a firefighter's wife!) isn't cut out for everyone, so I can appreciate you admitting that you don't think it is something you could deal with :)


  1. These have been fun to read! I don't know how you do the 24hr shifts. You're a wonder woman! My hubby works daylight to dark and I feel like I never see him. After you have kids it seems to be worse, but you just work at everything harder and it all smoothes out. :) Cracked up reading your kiddo answers below. :) The first two weeks after my son was born I swore up and down he was going to be an only child, a year later and we're already working on #2 - it's crazy how kids change you, but it's totally awesome!

  2. "Some days, I won't do a single chore all day long, but I'll get up extra early the next morning to get everything done before he gets home :)" too!!! I'll be doing dishes and folding laundry right before bed just so Jim thinks I was slaving away all day. He has no clue I lounged around on the couch all day! :-D

  3. I am guilty of waiting until the last minute to do chores too! :)

    I have a question: Since your hubby works 24 hours on, 24 hours off, do you split up any of the housework? Is there anything that he is solely responsible for? I would imagine that would be hard with his work schedule!

  4. Ooh, this is kinda fun. I have another question.....

    Does your husband have any tattoos?

    I noticed that you never mention him having or getting any tattoos, and I know you have quite a few.
    If he does not, what does he think of the tattoos that you already have, and do you still want more? gracias :)

  5. J's best friend is a paramedic, and on a similar schedule...I agree that I think I might like it as a wife, especially if I were staying at home or going to school!

  6. I can't imagine possibly doing nursing school in 12 months! WOW, what a whirl wind that would be! You'll find your niche, and it probably won't be what you think it will be :) I thought I wanted to be an oncology nurse. The summer between my junior and senior year I was offered an internship on a cardiac short-stay/telemetry unit and I thought I would hate it, but I LOVED it and thought I would end up on some type of cardiac unit after I graduated...I had no interest in Med/Surg even though most instructors will tell you that is a good place to start. Well I ended up on a Medical/Surgical ICU, and I never want to work anywhere else!

    People with BSN typically have more opportunities to move into management positions, but it is typically after you gain some clinical experience. However, depending on where you live, the institution you are employed and how much experience you have, that can vary. Have fun finding your path! It is a blast. School will probably be COMPLETELY overwhelming, and to be perfectly honest, the real learning doesn't begin until after graduation :)

  7. I think that the fact that you are going into this after doing other things in you life is a great sign that you will LOVE being a nurse and serving others in their time of need. Each day i go to work I feel like God is using me to make a difference. It is such a special profession.

    I would put money that this is your calling. I can tell by the way you explain it.

    Definitely get your BSN up front. Once you have kiddos it is very hard to go back. you never know if you may want to be in management or education...I wish I had done it when I was a youngster like you :)


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