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Q&A, Part III

I have lumped the questions into "sections" that sorta go together (marriage/relationship, career, miscellaneous, etc) so that it makes for easier reading. And of course, if you still have a question (or 2, or 3!) feel free to post it in the comments or email me at mrslukie@gmail.com!

You don't have to share any, but I saw on your 101 in 1001 that you did Boudoir Pics--what was that experience like?
**It was not my intention to offend anyone, so I've revised the answer to this question & removed the link I had previously posted. 

Oh my gosh, I LOVED doing the Boudoir pics!! I could write you paragraph upon paragraph of how amazingly wonderful it was--for me, and for presenting them to Mr. Lukie. I gave them to him for his 36th birthday/wedding gift and I videotaped him opening the box & looking through the images. He was truly shocked & amazed...but he LOVED the photos and still looks through his album frequently :) 

I had never been so nervous before, as I was when I pulled into the parking lot of the studio. But once I got inside I completely relaxed and by the middle of the shoot, was having so much fun posing & acting like a model, that my inhibitions flew out the window. I suppose that having an awesome photographer and an all-female staff helped, as well as the glass of champagne they gave to me when I first arrived. If you have the opportunity to do it--DO IT! Don't wait until you lose weight or are more toned or are more tan or whatever. They are professionals and can make ANYONE look good--extra weight, extra white, whatever you think your issue is!
(here is a photo from the shoot that I feel is tasteful & non-offensive)

How would you describe your sense of style?
**I don't even know! For every day wear, I would say I'm beachy-chic. Jeans or a skirt, embellished sandals, a tank and a cardigan. {It is RARE to ever catch me wearing shorts. I just don't think they're flattering on me, but Mr. Lukie disagrees, so I wear them every so often}. 

For going out with the hubs, I would say preppy-ish. Jeans, tucked into tall boots, a long sleeved shirt layered underneath a short sleeved tunic top--sometimes topped off with a wide belt, sometimes not. Occasionally a hat and/or a scarf, but only on those super chilly San Diego evenings ;)

I am certainly not "trendy" but I do keep up with the trends that work for ME. For instance, you'll never catch me wearing shorts, with leggings/tights underneath, with ankle/shin/knee-high boots. Ever. It looks plain SILLY on me. So I just stick with what fits my body (and my active lifestyle) best.

Where in Southern California do you live? Do you live in a house, apartment, condo? Do you rent or own?
**We live in a little hippie town by the beach in San Diego. We live in a house that we rent, but we also own a house in Riverside County that we have renters in. I have never lived in it, let alone seen it (hubby bought it before I knew him), but the pictures of it are gorgeous ;) We were hoping to buy this Spring, but seeing as how I quit my job to go back to school full-time...well, home buying has been put off for awhile longer ;)

What's the starting engine pressure for a 400 foot hose lay of 2 1/2" hose flowing 150 GPM through a fog nozzle, with an elevation gain of 60 feet?
**Really? You know I need to know the Friction Loss Coefficient before I can give you the most accurate answer...pshh!

If I remember correctly, when the two of you {you & Mr. Lukie} first started dating he questioned the age difference and a bit and later you faced questions from others, including your MIL, about the 9yr gap. Do you feel that has been a challenge? Did he have any qualms about you being younger that he had to get over? Have you ever felt like you have had to prove yourself?
**Ooooh! Good question. So, yeah, when we met, Mr. Lukie was 34 and I had just turned 25 the month before. He has always dated girls 5-8 years younger than himself...and I have always dated guys 5 years or so older than myself. But the 9 years made me a bit cautious, at first. He would make the 2nd "older-than-me-by-a-lot" guy I had ever dated (the first being me at 25 and the guy was 48...but we won't EVEN go there!) 

I guess my main concern was why a 34-year old man was not yet married. I realize now that 34 & unmarried is SO not a big deal. Especially after I got to know him & why his past relationships had failed. Once I got past that part of getting to know him, the age difference only came up in regard to generational things--being out to dinner with he & his friends & listening to them talk about a song that was popular when they were in college...but I was only in Junior High! 

I feel as though I've always been "ahead" of most girls my age. I moved out of the house at 17 & have been 100% self sufficient since that age. I put myself through college to get my BA. So I've never felt like I had to prove myself with him. With his friends? His mother? His coworkers? Yes, absolutely, I had to prove myself. They were skeptical--about my age, about having broken off an engagement only 1 month prior to meeting him, about my intentions. Mr. Lukie never made me feel like I had to prove myself, though.

Since your hubby works 24 hours on, 24 hours off, do you split up any of the housework? Is there anything that he is solely responsible for? I would imagine that would be hard with his work schedule! 
**It can be difficult, trying to arrange chores & stuff with his schedule. I will probably do a separate post on how I manage the housework, but here is my secret: I use a daily chore list that I purchased & downloaded, in order to stay on top of things. There are things you do every single day--sweep the kitchen & entryway, make the bed, feed & walk the pets, exercise, take your vitamins, do the dishes, wipe out the bathroom sink, clean the kitchen sink & countertops--then there are things specific to each day, for instance, today I have to change the dishcloth in the kitchen & hand towels in the bathroom, clean the bottom shelf of the fridge, vacuum/mop the bedroom, clean out my purse/wallet, and clean the bathroom mirrors.

I LOVE this system--it means we don't spend 5 hours on a Saturday or a Sunday cleaning the house top to bottom. I make it my personal goal to get all of the "every single day" things done, and try to do as many of the 'important' "specific daily" things. When Mr. Lukie is home, he consults the chore list & goes down the list, checking things off as he does them. When he's not home, I do what I can. What doesn't get done just gets added to the "to do" list and typically, he does them the next day.

Also, he takes care of all of the maintenance around the house, mows the lawns, picks up dog poo, takes out the trash & recycling, takes the trash/recycling cans to the curb on trash day, etc. He's REALLY good about helping out without me even saying a word to him. I've realized I am not Super Woman and I need his help from time to time. Besides, he enjoys doing laundry and I despise it...so I leave that one to him, mostly :)

Does your husband have any tattoos? I noticed that you never mention him having or getting any tattoos, and I know you have quite a few. If he does not, what does he think of the tattoos that you already have, and do you still want more?
**Cat's outta the bag...yep, I have several tattoos...3, to be exact :) And nope, hubby doesn't have any tattoos. He talked all big & tough when we started dating, about this tattoo he had all drawn out and wanted to get on his ribcage. I asked him about that the other day--whatever happened to this tough talking man who was going to get a huge tattoo on his ribcage?--and he told me that it's never going to happen, no tattoos for him. Wuss! {Kidding, babe!} 

He doesn't really say one way or another how he feels about my tattoos. For the most part, they're covered up at all times & you wouldn't even know I have any, unless you saw me in a bikini or nakie. I think he's just used to them...but you've got me curious, so I'm going to ask him how he feels about them now.

As for me getting any others? I'm done. I used to want several more, but I have definitely outgrown that stage and actually regret one of them slightly. Live & learn, I suppose!

Were you always a Christian? If not what changed? 
**I've been going to church since I was just days old. I grew up in church, stepped away from Christianity and its teachings for most of my young adult life (17ish-25), felt like a piece of me was missing, started going back to church just after I broke off the engagement to my ex and then just weeks later I met Mr. Lukie. Shockingly enough, his story was very similar to mine and we had been attending the same church without knowing it. (Our church is HUGE and has over 12,000 visitors on any given Sunday).

But if you want to know more in-depth about what changed for me and how I came back to my roots, you can read my Testimony by clicking HERE.


  1. This is so cool! What a fun way for us to get to know you!

  2. I love that I keep finding so many younger girls married to older men. My sweetie and I are 8 years apart, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Read your testimony, and got rather misty eyed there at the end. God is good, isn't it?

  3. I love these question and answer posts!! :) Plus you are posting almost everyday...LOVE it!!!

    I have always wanted to know about Miss Carlee. How she came into the picture (planned or unplanned) and her unique medical complications.

  4. My hubby and I are almost 8 years apart. I love an older man.

    My husband would freak out if I put something like that on the internet. I was quite shocked! I didn't know what that fancy word meant.

    It seems like that should be a private thing between the both of you, not for everyone else to see. Just something to think about...I guess I'm old-fashioned.

  5. Sarah, I'm so proud of you! You are shining!!! Thanks for taking that link off. What a wonderful way to honor your husband and your marriage. BTW, you are such a beautiful young lady. Your husband is one lucky man. I'm sure he knows that already, though :)

    My husband wants to get a tatoo of all the kid's names and dates of birth on his arm. I figured he wanted a maltese cross or something fire-related. What a sweetie, to want his children. Now he won't have to ask me their birthdays! I can ask him! LOL!

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved reading your testimony. You have a message of grace, dear! The grace of the Gospel. :) Your Q&A is neat--it's been nice to get a peak into who you are! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Lord bless you as you continue to walk in His goodness (in the good, and the bad :hug:)!

  7. Your "style" section sounds a lot like me. I like to be trendy, but only as far as it actually looks good on me. I'm a total skirt/flip flop beach-bum style girl, which is funny considering I live in the Midwest.

  8. I too am a Christian - loved learning more about you lovely girl!

  9. Those pictures were AH-MAZING! Best boudoir pictures I've ever seen... (This is what I remember from back when it happened... why was the link taken down from this post? I'm just catching up now on your blog :)


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