Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedded Wednesday - Q&A With The Hubs

Wedded Wednesday is a collaboration
of married bloggers sharing their inspirations,
anecdotes, struggles and thoughts regarding
the amazing union of two separate people, as one.

This has been circulating the "Wedded Wednesday" blogosphere for quite awhile now and I finally got the chance to send the questions over to Mr. Lukie to answer for me. He's not a man of many words, but reading his answers made my heart smile. I hope it does yours, too.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about being married?
A: Always having someone there to share my life with.
Q: What is your favorite memory from our wedding day--one at the courthouse, and one at the faux-wedding? {A little background for you readers: we eloped on 4/4/09 to the courthouse and then had a vow renewal on 8/1/09 so that our friends & family could witness us commit our lives to one another, which we lovingly refer to as the "faux-wedding".}
A: Courthouse, the Polaroid picture. {Sidenote from Mrs. Lukie: we paid $5 for a Polaroid picture to be taken of us after the ceremony at the courthouse...hilarity! Maybe I'll scan it in one day, for a good laugh}. Faux, seeing how beautiful you looked in your dress.
Q: If you could give just one piece of advice to someone about to get married, what would it be?.
A: Go to pre-marital counseling first!

Q: Whoa, I guess you feel strongly about that one, huh babe? Anyway...for people who aren’t Believers, explain what that means for you.
A:  It means knowing that not everything is up to me and my decisions. I know there is a God directing my life and it gives me a sense of calmness and security. I have faith that if I love Jesus above all else, my life will be blessed.

Q: What do you miss about being single?
A: Spending more time with my buddies. 

Q: I don't keep you from doing that, mister! So, what do you think wives should know about their husbands?
A: Husbands need to feel respected and know that they are the man of the house. 

Q: I love that :) How can wives better communicate their feelings to their husbands so that they’re heard?
A: Don't keep things inside. If something is bothering you, get it out and don't let it fester. Guys can be dull and not know there is a problem until the wife has reached def-con 5. 

Q: Def-con 5 has NEVER been reached in our house! (ha...riiiight!) On a more serious note, why did you pick me, of all of those admirers you had following you around like puppies on a string?
A: Cuz you were the puppy that God told me would bless my life.  

Awww...such a sweetheart. And don't let his answer fool you--he DID have a ton of girls hanging around backstage, just waiting for him to snap his fingers. Silly girls. I knew he was the man I was going to marry after the very first time I met him!


  1. Lol...I would love to see that Polaroid!

  2. Lovely lady! Your email brightened my day... Ps. There is a "surprise" for you on my blog :) Have a blessed Wednesday!

  3. Aww such sweet responses and I learned a lot!

  4. Um...I'm looking for the answer to the hydraulics question :)

    Just kiddin'

    But yes, guys can be dim--you're right.


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