Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Best Friend

Today marks the 7 year anniversary since Casey's death. Casey was one of my best and dearest friends, since our Freshman year of high school. 

In college, we shared a room in the beach house. 

We were told we looked like sisters, so we played that up every chance we got.

We would eat mac n cheese (with Casey's special addition of cut up hot dogs in it).

We ate cookie dough ice cream while watching "A Wedding Story" and "A Baby Story" on TLC.

We dated 2 boys who were best friends...just so we could spend more time together.

We stayed up late, giggling like school girls in the darkness of our bedroom, gossiping about boys & clothes. All things important at 17 years old.

We shared clothes like sisters. And then fought like sisters when a favorite t-shirt turned up missing.

On March 13, 2003, an 18-year old man (kid, really) decided to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol & methamphetamines. My beloved Casey was on her way home to our small hometown just 2 hours away. She was going home to surprise her mom for her mom's birthday. She was hit head on. She was alive, but broken. Her whole body was broken. She was airlifted to the hospital, where she was kept on life support in order to donate her organs and for friends and family to say goodbye.

I miss my best friend. 

Click here to read more of Casey's Story & get to know her. You will be blessed.


  1. Wow, Sarah....what a difficult thing to go through! I'm so so sorry for your loss. I'm sure 7 years doesn't take away the sting. It sounds like you and Casey were incredibly close.

    I followed the link and was shocked to see that this family lost TWO children??? I just can't imagine....

  2. So glad that we have a God who is our strength in all situations. Without Him, I know there are moments when I just wouldn't be able to go another step...

  3. Oh friend, my heart just breaks for you today. I know how you are feeling and am praying. HUGS!

  4. Tears, my friend, tears. I am so sorry to hear about your dear Casey.


  5. Oh I am so sorry for your loss even though it was a while ago! Thanks for sharing her story, a good lesson to not drink and drive! Hugs for you Sarah!


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