Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earthquakes Are To California As ______ Are To _____{fill in the blank}

I'm sure you're all well aware of the 7.2 earthquake that rocked Baja California (Mexicali, actually) on Easter Sunday. 

{I suppose I forgot to mention that bit of excitement in our otherwise uneventful Easterversary celebration}

I was sitting on the couch {possibly on Facebook...but possibly not} while Mr. Lukie mowed the backyard.

I felt a little shake 'n rattle. But, being the California native that I am, briefly looked up from my computer screen and thought, "Oh, an earthquake. That's nice," and went about my very important work on the computer {again, possibly Facebook...but possibly not.}

And then? Then, it didn't stop. It wasn't just a little shake 'n rattle. It was a rolling sensation, like I was standing on a boat out in the middle of the ocean {even though I have no idea what that actually feels like.} I threw my laptop on the coffee table and ran outside {uhh...yeah, all of the earthquake drills in the world don't prepare you for when it actually HAPPENS} to inform Mr. Lukie that we were, in fact, having an earthquake. 

"Mr. Lukie!!! Mr. Luuuuukie!"

He looks up, smiles & waves. Then, I think he realized the look of sheer panic on my face. He cut power to the mower immediately.

"What's wrong, babe?!"

"LOOK! LOOK at your truck! We're having an EARTHQUAKE!"

I kid you not, the mans truck was rocking back and forth as if someone were physically shaking it, left to right. 

I kid you not, the man was rocking back and forth as if invisible someones were pulling on each arm, left to right.

And I kid you not, at the end of those 45 seconds {which, let's be honest here, felt more like 4-5 minutes}, I had sea legs {or, rather, what I imagine sea legs feel like}. I didn't think it was ever going to end and my mind began racing about where to go & what to do. I won't lie--the "this is the Big One!" thought ran through my head the entire time briefly while it was all going on.

We're fine. Our town is fine. Our house is fine, save for the large crack in our chimney outside. 

But what gets me? These dang aftershocks. 8 of them on Sunday {though we only felt about 3}. 2 {that I felt} on Monday. 

Right about now, I'm thinking a good ol' Oklahoman tornado would be better.


  1. Yikes! Earthquakes freak me out. I don't think I ever want to live through one. Our biggest threat is a tornado which fortunately I just missed a huge one by a few seconds over 10 years ago. Whew!

    So glad you are okay.

  2. I hate that motion sickness feeling in a big quake. The last two big ones here a few years ago were like that. Swaying and throwing your equilibrium off. Ick!

    So the Baja quake was so big that some few+ hours later SEATTLE had some tail-end tremors as well. I didn't feel it, I hardly ever feel the small ones we have quite often. Apparently some swimming pools around here sloshed back and forth briefly.

    How can they say all these BIG quakes aren't related in someway? I call BS. Scary because we are definitely overdue for a big one here :(

  3. I am so glad you are well! Sounds like a heck of an experience.

    We are on a huge rock up her in my part of town and did not feel it! Yet they did in LA County...go figure!

  4. Gah! I hate earthquakes, no matter how small they are. But 45 seconds? Eeeek! The sound of the house popping and creaking with the movement creeps me out.

  5. Ahhh, that sounds scary! It is tornado season here in OK, and they're not that pleasant either. :P

  6. That sounds so scary! I would have been running around like a moron for sure.

  7. Glad you are okay! And I gotta say, times like this I love Michigan and the lack of natural disasters.

  8. I'm glad that you're okay too! You must live close to Brian Peeler eh? hehe (That hot trainer from the 'reality tv' show 'Workout'?) Because you both posted a status about teh Earthquake within the sake minute. I'm jealous that you live near him, I'd totally attend on of his bootcamps!! hehe.

  9. WOW! I have never experienced and earthquake, and hopefully never will! That sounds scary!


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