Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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  • I received my volunteer nursing assignment last week--I'll be working one 7-hour shift (every Friday, 10am-5pm) in the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit). Time to shop for scrubs!
  • We are both LOVING the Prius. The other night, Mr. Lukie sat down on the couch next to me (after a full day of landscaping) and said, "Do we need to go anywhere or do anything?" I told him there were some groceries we still needed to get. His face lit up & he was overly excited about making a Trader Joe's run. The man just wanted to drive the Prius!
  • 14 days until I am done with this semester. Not that I'm counting, or anything...
  • We spent all of Wednesday (thus my lack of contribution to Wedded Wednesday last week) at our new-old house taking care of the landscaping & some other aesthetic things like that. So of course, I took it upon myself to try and take some photos of it to share with you all ;)
Exterior (obviously)

Laundry room, off the garage. With a folding table! (Currently, our washer & dryer are out in the unattached garage in the backyard)

3 car (attached!!) garage. We'll use the single bay (to your far left, in this photo) as our CrossFit gym.

Master Bathroom. His & Hers sink, shower, separate soaking tub. 

Master bedroom walk-in closet. Ohhhh I can't wait to get this all set up!

Kitchen fit for a (gluten-free) chef! The white door is the beautiful pantry.

View of living room (and entry into backyard) from kitchen.

Dining room (just off of kitchen & living room).

Office/Den, with built in desk & cabinets. This is where I will do almost all of my studying as I journey through Nursing School (hopefully!)

The "sitting room" (we think that's what it's called?) off of the entryway. We have NO idea what to do with this room. Any suggestions? We will utilize the Living Room off of the kitchen/dining room as our main living area.

We envision a small storage shed (for gardening tools & such) up against the side of the house. The rest of this area seems to be the perfect place for raised beds, don't you agree?

Backyard. Gazebo. You can barely see it, but there is a gas firepit at the end of the gazebo.

Love the plum trees back there :) Just another angle of the backyard.

So that's it, in a nutshell. I know I didn't post pictures of the master bedroom, either of the guest bedrooms, or the guest bathroom, but those rooms are REALLY difficult to take pictures of, so I'll wait until they're furnished & then show ya'll that way.

And I know I've been MIA, but I *have* been reading your blogs, even if my comments are few & far between. Promise, I'll get caught up and be more social once this semester is over with.


  1. I love the house!! And the backyard is really stunning! When do you move in?

  2. What an incredible house! How fun!

  3. your house is GORGEOUS! wOw. what a blessing!

    [glad to see you back here on blogging world!]

    so tell me something about this crossfit...me and my husband have had some conversations about it, which really led nowhere because neither one of us know what it is AT ALL, but you seem to be quite the expert :)

  4. The house is beautiful!!!! That back yard is so lush, and I'd definitely come over and sit around your gas pit with a glass of lemonade. :)

  5. Love the house! You will love living there...even though it is a longer commute-it seems worth it :) Can't wait to see it all furnished!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your house is beautiful!!! I know your husband has a long commute to work...do you have a long commute to school too?

    You guys must be pretty excited to have all that beautiful space to be living in! Glade you guys like the new car. I really want a prius, but our next vehicle is going to have to be a little larger than that. Maybe someday!

    Good luck with the rest of the semester!

  7. I am absolutely blown away by your house! It's gorgeous!

    The coolest 'sitting room' I've ever seen had gorgeous furniture in it, and was color themed - greys and pale blues - and housed all of the family's games. Board games, card games, some children's games, anything fun to play, neatly tucked inside a storage cabinet.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on your new place!!

    Have a super day! Happy Tuesday! :)

  9. Your house is beautiful!!! WOW! I love your closet and the backyard is super nice.


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