Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

(April 4, 2009--Elopement to the Court House!)

Dearest Mr. Lukie,
I first called you my husband the day we wed, one year ago today. I vowed to you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my faithfulness as your wife, complete obedience, to care for you & to strive to always please you. You vowed to provide for me, protect me, care for me, love me and to be a faithful husband to me.

What you didn't vow, but have shown me over and over are . . . 

That you would become my true blue best friend. My first choice in everything I do and everywhere I go. That you would be my rock in times of sorrow, my voice in times of despair. 

That you would bring me back to reality when I needed help planting my feet on the ground. That you would be on my team, always, even when it felt like we were fighting a losing battle. 

That you would be my biggest fan, my hugest supporter and my cheerleader. That you would not allow anyone or anything to bring me down, nor allow anyone to treat me unfairly.

That you would be my knight in shining armor, continually opening doors for me, walking on the side of the street closest to traffic, sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the door. 

That you would appreciate, love and applaud my independence, knowing that I can do these things on my own, but also knowing how much I adore when you do them for me. 

That you would tell me I am the most beautiful woman in the world, that I am far more than you could ever have prayed for, all that you ever wanted...and that I believe you when you say it. 

That you would do everything in your power to see my tears into a smile, my fears into courage, my failures into victories. And that you would be holding my hand, every step of the way. 

That you would bring me so much joy with your smile, which lights up your face so that even your eyes smile back at me. Even when I've done nothing to deserve such love and adoration from you.

That you would greet me each and every day as if it had been years since we'd last seen each other. That you would hug me close, for minutes on end. Kiss me passionately, as if it were our first.

That you would be the greatest blessing I have ever received. That you would transform my life into one of goodness, kindness and love. That you would be such an encouraging, strong man of God. That you would make me so proud.

Thank you for holding true to your vows--those you spoke one year ago today, and those you have shown me throughout our first year of marriage. Thank you for being you--the man I fell shamelessly in love with two years ago; my true blue best friend, my rock, my greatest blessing.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Lukie. 

I love you to the stars 'n back,
Mrs. Lukie


  1. Crying!!! :) Wow...that was amazing!!

  2. Happy anniversary! Beautiful letter--I wish my husband would write me stuff like that!


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