Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easterversary

How we spent our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary {which we dubbed our "Easterversary" seeing how it fell on Easter this year}:

8AM: Easter Sunday church service

10:30AM-1:00PM: Napping on the couch

1:00PM-1:30PM: Took the furkids for a nice, long walk

1:30PM-6:00PM: I have *absolutely* no clue what we spent those hours doing...playing on the computer? 

6:00PM: Had a dinner reservation at a swanky restaurant & completely forgot to cancel it!

7:30PM: Picked up a large pizza & 2 sodas {a real treat in our household! We neither eat nor drink either of those, ever!}

8:00PM-10:00PM: Rented & watched "The Blindside" on iTunes. {really liked it!}

10:00PM-10:30PM: Showers, then bed

So I'm just curious how many others out there celebrated their 1 Year Wedding Anniversary in such romantic fashion? HA! I just honestly had no desire to get all gussied up, head out to a swanky restaurant, order an overpriced {but mediocre} entree and deal with an over attentive waiter. Does this make me a boring old married lady?

I mean, view from the couch {in my jammies, thankyouverymuch} was WAY better than any view a swanky ol' restaurant could provide me anyway.


  1. I don't blame ya! And umm... is that gluten-free pizza?! ;)

  2. It's amazing how our priorities change that first year! Just wait 'till you have kids, you'll be begging for a swanky restaurant and a chance to dress up. :) Our first and second anniversary we road tripped (1st to Ashville, NC - 2nd to Colorado to ATV in the mountains.) It was a blast! Our third we had a 5 month old and I don't even remember WHAT we did. For our 4th we might go somewhere seeing how I'll be pregnant, but not so huge I can't enjoy traveling. We haven't been alone in 15 months, so I'm thinking we just might have to leave the Little with his Grammie. ;) I could so eat a piece of cold pizza for breakfast.

  3. Sounds like a perfect anniversary to me!!!

    I think on our first wedding anniversary I had to work...I got off at 4 pm-ish?? Only to find my car had been broken into...I also think that Jared spent part of the day driving home from a wedding in North Dakota. So I'm pretty sure we probably ended up celebrating in a very similar fashion :)

  4. congrats my friend!

    Glad you had the perfect day!



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