Friday, April 16, 2010

Photos & An Announcement

It's been far too long, my this post will be one with photos & brief captions, to catch you up on the past few weeks!

We went to my hometown for Easter (Mr. Lukie's first time there). He loved that there were "happy cows" roaming the fields eating grass & being free. 

My handsome hubby at lunch. We ate at a little restaurant on the river at the gateway to the Sequoias. It was beautiful!

Us, with full tummy's from a delish lunch.

Mr. Lukie and Horse, out on my Dad's property.

Okie & me. Okie is now 16 and my dad has had him since he was 3. I miss having a horse; it was so wonderful to just breathe in that sweet, horsey smell again.

One of my besties children. Slight tug on the womb when this little guy is around.

We ran in the Warrior Dash last weekend up in Lake Elsinore. What was supposed to be a 5K race turned into a 10K for many of us--someone thought it would be "fun" to remove the flags directing the course, so we got lost & ran an extra 3 miles. Oh, and the group of friends we went with all dressed like Warriors & Warrior Princesses. It was a lot of fun!

We got these fun "warrior" hats with our registration fee. It was a gas to see thousands of people walking around wearing furry hats with horns!

We are the (soon-to-be) proud owners of this 2007 Prius. I know, I know...we just traded in the IS250 for the Camry about 6 months ago. But the reason being...

This is a (cruddy, but it works) picture of the house we own but have had renters in for the past few years. Due to many reasons, we have decided to move in. We will be leaving San Diego at the end of May to move in here, which means Mr. Lukie will be making the 74-mile commute to work 10-12 days per month. Hence, the Prius :) 

More details (and photos!) to come of our adventures...especially of the house. I cannot WAIT to go from an 800 square foot cottage (shared with a roommate & 2 large dogs...oh, and only 1 bathroom!) to a 2100 square foot home, shared only with my husband and the 2 furkids (complete with extra bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and my own walk in closet! If you saw my "closet" now, you'd be delighted for me) 

Happy Weekend, dearies!


  1. Sweeeeeeet! Can't wait to see more of the house, how exciting!

  2. That is awesome :) The house looks really cute! And I totally feel ya on the horsey smell, it is my favorite smell ever! :)

  3. Kewl on the Prius and the house! :). And I totally understand the closet thing, it's one of the things i love about my house. My closet. Yay for clothing organization! :). So psyched for you guys.

  4. How exciting, I hope everything goes smoothly with the move!

  5. Wow, beautiful house :) Congrats!!

  6. The house looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics (or maybe come for an in person visit??)

    So jealous about the Prius, I want one!!

  7. That's soo exciting! Congrats. Extra space is WONDERFUL!

  8. First off, you two are the most gorgeous couple on the planet! :) And Congrats on the house!

  9. What a wonderful blessing! The house looks amazing! I know what it is like to go from a 975 sq.foot house to a 1800. It was heaven in itself! We had four kids in that little two bedroom.

    I'm going to start riding horses again this year. I thrilled my father when I said for his Father's Day present I would go riding with him! I have made myself wait a year to ride after so many hip issues with the last pregnancy.

    You guys look happy and things are going as God has planned.

  10. How exciting!!! And those hats are too funny!

  11. What fun you have been having!

    I'll bet it will be so nice being in a house vs and apt. That commute...whew! But from your optimism, it does sound like it will be a good move.

    Love the pictures :)

  12. Loved all the pictures -- so fun! And congrats on getting to move into the house! I would so LOVE to have that much space to live in! :)

  13. The house looks amazing! And more closet space, heck ya!

    Good luck with the move Sarah!!

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  15. Yay, lots of awesome things going on for you! Very exciting!


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