Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedded Wednesday - When Life Hands You Lemons

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You know that saying, "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade?" Yeah, we know it all too well, lately.

Our marriage has been great--no spins on the crazy cycle, communication is open & flowing, lots of laughing & silliness, and lots of great, quality time spent together. 

It's just, everything else that seems to be not so great:
  • We don't have renters in the house we own (that is 74 miles outside of San Diego). We haven't had renters in there for almost 1 month (which means we're paying the mortgage on the house AND rent on the house we live in now).
  • Because we don't have renters in that house, we may be moving there in the middle of May, just after my finals at school.
  • Speaking of school, I forgot to drop one of my classes (Organic Chemistry) by the "drop deadline." Thus, I have to submit a petition & it goes before a board. Then THEY decide if I am 'allowed' to drop it so that I don't have an 'F' on my transcripts.
  • Having a roommate is hard. Factor in having a roommate as a married couple and it's really difficult.
  • Mother-in-law problems haven't ceased (or really even been resolved), as originally thought.
  • Over Easter, my father told me that his kidneys are failing--he has 70% usage in one and only 25% usage in another. He needs a kidney transplant, but they can't get his blood pressure low enough to even consider surgery.
But would you know that through all of this, our spirits have not dampened? We are not anxious about what the future holds in ANY of these situations. We feel calm and at peace about them all. I am not consumed with feelings and thoughts of how I can take control of these situations & "fix" or change them, as is my typical mindset.

I am so grateful for a husband who, when given lemons, just hands them over to God and says, "Here, God. I'm giving You our lemons, for You make lemonade far better than we can."


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on! I can definitely relate to the MIL issues.

    We are about to have 2 roommates move in with us next month (we are married and have a baby) that will be interesting!

  2. Oh man, that's a lot on your plate right now! I'm so glad to hear that you are able to handle everything together as a couple, without taking frustrations out on each other! That's admirable!

  3. yeah roommates are tough, in all our years together we've never actually had a home with just the two of us. Having seven siblings on the other side of the door certainly can put a damper on the mood and make communication quite difficult at times. The good news is you'll find you cherish your alone time together that much more!

  4. Oh hunny, what a list that is. I'm so glad that you guys are getting through TOGETHER!

  5. Wow, you guys have a lot going on. Good for you though, that its not dampening your spirits. Keep on keepin' on!

  6. It's great that you and your husband have been able to remain strong through all of that. What a list! I hope you guys are able to find renters, or make a smooth transition as you move back into the house you own. And you father will be in my thoughts, and prayers. Kidney failure is an awful thing :(

  7. I'm sorry you've been going through so much hard stuff lately - but it sounds like you and you're husband are having a great attitude and looking to the Lord through the difficult situations, and that's always a blessing! :-)

  8. Roommates would be so hard as a young married couple! I can't even imagine. But, it sounds like you guys are handling everything in stride. :) Just the way it should be. Why fight what you can't control, when you CAN trust in the One who controls all things!? Hang in there, and hopefully renters will be headed your way soon.

  9. I love how even in the midst of all those very serious problems, you can look to God with gratitude for what he has given you. That is truly making lemonade from lemons.

    I am doing a study on gratitude, it truly is the key to contentment no matter how bad life gets. I'll be praying for you!

  10. Your attitude simply astounds me. I'm so glad I read this post today! It is amazing that God is so big as to take really tough situations like the ones you have going on and when given to Him, is turned into a peace that is not of this world. Simply amazing.

    I will definitely keep you in my prayers!

  11. Wow! I'm impressed by your state of mind. I'm slowly learning the lesson of relying on God in all's tough but so valuable! Thank you for sharing--you encourage me!

    Also, I want to thank you for following my blog. You encourage me so much by thinking my writing is worth reading!

    Have a beautiful week!

  12. Oh friend, I am so sorry. I feel that way too often, that my marriage is awesome and going fabulous, it's just the outside world that is kicking butt! Thoughts and prayers with you today sweet friend, hugs!

  13. Ok, now I am up to speed on the house situation. Sorry you are going through this and so much more!

    But, when you and your honey are on the same is such an incredible blessing and makes the hard times so much easier.



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