Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving, Little Boys & The Best Summer Ever.

Only 6 school days left of this semester!!! (But if we're including weekends & Fridays, it's 8 days)

We moved the contents of one of our garages here in San Diego to our "new" house yesterday. See, in San Diego, we have 2 single car garages that are not attached to our house. They're more, like, in the backyard. One garage houses our washer/dryer and our "toys" (ie mountain bikes, gym stuff, rock climbing gear, camping gear, etc) and the other garage is packed to the gills housing all of our stuff that either doesn't fit in our house or stuff we don't use too often. 

Mr. Lukie and I are BOTH guilty of saving silly things. You know, things like empty boxes from a blender, or our MacBook's, or the ginormous flat screen TV, justincase. We vowed to toss all boxes after said item has been out of the box & used for 3 months. We're just extra cautious like that, but moving empty boxes finally made us realize how ridiculous this habit is. 

And the 12 (huge plastic) bins of Christmas decor? We agreed to go through that and donate the items that we haven't used to decorate, or never see ourselves using to decorate. Even our "new," larger house couldn't possibly hold every decoration from those 12 boxes.

Our new motto when going through boxes? "Save, Donate, or Trash?" Ever see that show "Hoarders" on A&E. That's what their options are when going through their stuff...and so shall we. {Just a disclaimer: we are NOT hoarders. We're quite minimalistic and are super organized/perfectionists about our 'stuff.' I'm sure this will be very evident once we're all moved in & you see photos of my pantry, linen closet and the like.}

I managed to get one guest room almost completely set up while we were there! I also got to play with our washer & dryer. I never knew I could fall in love with an appliance! (Well, aside from this one...)

While we were unloading things from the U-Haul into the garage, 4 little boys on Razr scooters pulled into our driveway. 

"Excuse me!" 

I poked my head around the corner and said, "Hey guys! What's up?" 

The little boy (he looked to be the oldest...around 9 or 10) said, "Um, hi. We were wondering if we can hide behind your bushes back there. Promise, we won't mess anything up. We're playing a game and we need a place to hide!" 

I couldn't say no to those sweet faces, so I told them that yes, they could play behind the bushes, but if they messed anything up, the bushes would be off-limits. They scampered off happily, one little boy carrying an armload of juice boxes & snacks. Adorableness.

I'm excited to bake chocolate chip cookies for these sweet things this summer (who, I later found out, were playing "War" and hiding from enemies & gunfire). After they left, I took a peek behind the bushes to check on things. And would you know that these little sweeties didn't leave a single piece of evidence behind that they were ever there?

This is going to be the best summer ever! 


  1. Ummm yeah, I still have empty boxes from stuff from moving in 2 YEARS AGO. I told myself I have to go down to the basement and start packing it up for recycling. I think it's safe to assume I don't need the box for the snowblower shovel thing that I gave to my parents over a year ago...

  2. Aww, what a bunch of sweeties! I am sure they appreciated your generosity in letting them play!

  3. Yay for the new house! And that will be so much fun to have those kids around!

  4. Yay!!!!!!! So excited for your new start :)

  5. Wow, the fact that they asked permission is impressive! So cute!

    And way to be organized.

  6. this post makes me happy :)

    I can't wait to have little boys.

  7. You will love the new space and the new neighbors :) It will be a great summer for you--can't wait to see the place all set up!

  8. I think that when you are moving is the perfect time to go through all your stuff, clean, organize and get rid of the things you don't need! Jared and I should have done more of that when we moved into our house. cute about the little boys! I hope you have a great summer!

  9. So exciting for the new start, enjoy!!!


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