Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Weekend

Who moves over Memorial Day weekend? Apparently, we do. We didn't even realize it was Memorial Day weekend until a friend so graciously offered to help us move and asked for the details. When I informed her that it would be on Sunday the 30th, she informed me of our poor date choice.


The U-Haul is to be picked up at 9am. I'll drop hubby off at U-Haul and jet over to Einstein's Bagels for one dozen bagels, some nummy spread and a big, big box of to-go coffee. We'll meet at home and the help arrives at 9:30am. {You know that if you ever need help with anything--moving, landscaping, remodeling, etc--you just need to make friends with a firefighter or two and they'll have their whole engine company there to help you out, right? Well, you do now, so get to making firefighter friends!} 

I spent a full day last week cleaning the "new" house. It was sparkly clean when the tenants we had in there moved out, but after sitting vacant for 3 months, it needed a little wipe down. And of course, no one cleans better than *you* clean, so you sorta have to give it your own once over. Especially the soaking tub. {Because you know that on Sunday night, I have made a date with my husband, the soaking tub, bubbles and a glass bottle of wine, right?}

Oh yeah. Good thing those firefighters will be there to help hubby load the U-Haul, because this is how I spent my Saturday morning before Moving Day. In an MRI machine. {If you haven't had an MRI before, your entire body goes into that little, teeny, tiny tube-like, claustrophobic-inducing opening that you see. I learned long ago to keep my eyes closed tight and go to my happy place.} I hurt my knee at the gym last week, jumping. The pain is getting worse every day, though the swelling has subsided. I can't sleep because no matter what position I find comfortable for one second, it becomes immediately uncomfortable. Pillows aren't helping. Needless to say, I'm going to be the Moving Day Supervisor, and not much help.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and remember the reason for it--to commemorate those brave souls who died in war, for our freedom.


  1. Happy Moving! I hope it goes well and that your knee gets better!

  2. Eek! Hope your move goes smoothly and your knee stops hurting soon!

  3. Good luck moving! & I hope your knee feels better!!

  4. Thanks for reminding us of what this holiday is all about!

  5. Happy Moving! I would totally come help if there are Einstein Bros. Bagels involved! They are SO good and I haven't had one in ages!

  6. Hope the moving went well and I hope your knee is feeling better!

  7. Hope the move went well and you get some relief on the knee!

  8. HOpe they find out what is wrong with that knee. Marcus is gimping around here too. PTL someone gave us some crutches!


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