Friday, June 18, 2010

Coconut Princess, Hippie, Granola Girl

These are some of my new nicknames, given lovingly to me by my dear husband!

You see, my dear husband, when he was in college in the early 90's, wanted to start a commune. Oh, yes, a commune! He was quite the little Hippie. Apparently. Him being a Hippie is a source of teasing in our household--gentle, fun teasing--but teasing nonetheless.

Since Mr. Lukie and I married, we have slowly become more "green," in the most typical of ways: reusable grocery bags, recycling, eco-friendly cleaning products, hybrid vehicle, reusable BPA free water bottles, local organic fruits & veggies, local grass-fed meat, local cage-free/range-free eggs. We're working on getting started with composting, as well as starting our own commune. 

Okay, scratch the starting our own commune part--only kidding! The mister may be fine with that, but this lil mama is NOT down with the commune-style of living.

Anyway. I've recently begun to research lots of different things we use on a daily basis and am finding very scary information about them. One that really scares me is sunscreen. I will spare you all the details and my research (unless you're really interested in it, then feel free to email me!), but will tell you that I no longer wear sunscreen.

I gave up sunscreen. I gave up my Kiehl's facial moisturizer with SPF in it. I gave up wearing make-up. I quit using my prescription acne creams. I'm picky about my shampoo & conditioner. I gave up my frou-frou body lotions and cremes. 

And in place of every single one of the things mentioned above? Virgin Coconut Oil (aka VCO). No, I've not gone crazy, I promise you. VCO can be used as sunblock, facial moisturizer (and when your skin is looking as good as mine is after using the VCO, you won't need to wear make up!), facial cleanser, and deep conditioning hair treatment. {There are SO many other uses for VCO--such as ingesting it, using it as a mouthwash, using it as a substitute in baking/cooking, deodorant, etc that I haven't, and most likely won't, experiment with.}

The husband thought I was off my rocker at first, when I asked him to pick some up from our old food co-op last month when he was in San Diego. Except that now that he has watched me use it for the past month and has seen the improvements in my skin, hair, acne, and how I have a healthy, golden brown glow to my naturally pasty white skin (without any sunburns or spending more than 20 minutes in the sun per day!), he's come around.

In fact, just tonight, he asked me if I could put some VCO in a travel bottle for him to keep at work. Because, you know, if he took the extra jar we have in the pantry, the guys would be able to see what it was and give him slack for it...

I suppose it's time I start wearing patchouli oil, walking around barefoot, using a crystal under my arms as deodorant, and popping out babies that I will give birth to at home (without assistance of pain medications), whom I will cloth diaper, breastfeed, baby-wear, and co-sleep. Are you all still going to read my blog then?

PS: I don't care for the smell of patchouli oil at all, and I'm not sure I could ever give up deodorant in favor of a crystal...but the rest? I can't say that I'm not being 100% truthful about the rest of it. Maybe I have earned my nicknames of Coconut Princess, Hippie and Granola Girl after all ;)


  1. LOL! I would still read your blog!

    I love coconut oil. Can't wait to try it with sunblock. My hubby hates it when I wear makeup, so I rarely do. It makes my skin horribly greasy.

  2. We do a lot of "green" things, I higly recommend the melaleuca company. We get everything from them, soap, shampoo, lotion, soap, cleaners, toothpaste, vitamins and supplements, etc. and they have made a world of a difference since we switched 5 years ago!

  3. When I think "granola", I think of girls who don't shave under their arms... I hope that doesn't become you!

  4. Haha! I would totally read your blog if you popping out babies that I will give birth to at home (without assistance of pain medications), whom I will cloth diaper, breastfeed, baby-wear, and co-sleep. LOL, you'd be my hero! I knew coconut oil was good for ya, but I never thought about using it for moisturizer. I have really fair breakout prone skin, that gets clogged easily. I might have to experiment using it as sunscreen first! Thanks for all the info!

  5. A part of me kinda wants to know what you found out about sunscreen, and a part of me doesn't! I'm not a sun worshiper by any stretch of the imagination, however my SPF 60 and I have become BFFs, otherwise, I become R-E-D.

    I love that you do so much "green" stuff! Thats awesome!

  6. Okay, so my forehead has been totally broken out lately, so I took up your advice and bought some coconut oil. Do you actually use this stuff on your face in the morning? Doesn't it leave an oily sheen? I put some on my arms, and I can definitely see a shine... my face doesn't really need any more oil. Thoughts?

  7. Heather-
    Yep, I use it on my face in the morning and at night, and apply it after washing my face. The coconut oil I use leaves a slight shine on my face & body for about 30-45 minutes, but after that, it is no longer shiny. I wonder if it is brand related, or maybe you're putting too much on your face? I apply a very thin layer, nowhere near as much as I would apply moisturizer.

  8. Well, I just did it about ten minutes before I wrote to you for the first time - I definitely prefer to try new products at night. I think I did a pretty thin layer, too. Do you melt the oil first? It seemed like it was a solid when I bought it, but it was liquid when I applied it because my roommate accidentally left the oven on and it's more than ninety degrees downstairs, so it melted. Heh.

  9. I used to liquify it by putting the jar in a sink of hot water, but I've been too impatient to do that lately ;) Now, I just use my fingers to get some of the solid out and heat it up between my palms and then apply to my face/body.

    Come to think of looks less shiny when I do it that way, as opposed to when I actually liquify it first...

  10. You are not crazy or hippie dippie at all! I've been wanting to try this for awhile after seeing it on Paleochix, but I've been too lazy to go get some from Mother's or WholeFoods! Okay, tomorrow, I'm buying some. I'll probably post about it.

    As for the sunscreen part, did you 'ease' into it, going into the sun for a little bit at a time to build a tan, or just right into it?

  11. That's what got me started on it--PaleoChix :) I eased into it...20 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Now that I have a base, I'll stay out for longer...I got a little pink after staying out for an hour and a half last week, but I put VCO on after I came inside and it was a golden tan the next morning when I woke up. Love this stuff!

  12. The length of exposure to the sun was my next question - I'm hanging out at my parents' pool today and burn really easily. I don't think today's the day to go sunscreen-free quite yet. I'll save the VCO for days when I'm walking around town or just sitting outside for a bit.

    I did discover a major downside to it last night - my cat apparently thought it was tasty and licked my arms all night. At least it's probably good for her??

  13. I'm trying to move towards being more green because right now I know I'm not very green. I'm getting there though!

  14. Gave you an award over here at my blog, hope you'll take a look and participate:)

  15. More info please! I'd definitely be interested to hear how you are using the coconut oil on your face and not having it *cause* acne...? Seriously, I'm intrigued! I cook with coconut oil but haven't used it in anything else, although I know it's really good for you. I have definitely cut way back on my "product usage" because of chemicals, etc that I was putting on my skin and into my body. ...BUT i do draw the line at giving up my deodorant. I have tried the salt stick and honey that just didn't work for me. Back to the real stuff, no matter how many chemicals there are in it. LOL

  16. I think I am going to have to try this VCO that you speak so highly of!

  17. That is really fascinating...I would never have though an oil could do anything but fry you.

    I love how you are so inquisitive and resourceful :)



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