Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Coconut water tastes like EW. They say it helps to alleviate soreness in overworked muscles. That's what I'm shooting for, here. I'll let you know how it works. But. EW.

Oh. And, um. I'm drinking my coconut water with my nose plugged. You know how they say that makes it so that you can't taste whatever you're eating/drinking? They lie. 
(Doesn't work, so don't even bother looking this ridiculous while you try and drink something nasty.)

I have sore, overworked muscles because we joined a CrossFit gym here! It's a completely different experience, working out at a CrossFit gym, as opposed to doing CrossFit workouts at 24 Hour Fitness. As in, intensity is through the roof! And I want to cry, like, every time I work out there. Cry in a "I-hate-this-why-do-I-do-this-to-myself-but-ohhhh-it-feels-so-good-that-I-love-it!" kind of way.

 (Icing my knee after my workout this morning. ::sigh::)
The above statement only means one thing: I enjoy tormenting myself. No, I actually just really like the mental aspect of it all--pushing myself to the max, to the absolute extreme, just to see how far I can go. Okay, I lied...that is pretty sick & tormenting.

Did I ever update you all on my knee? MRI came back inconclusive--so we're guessing it's an LCL sprain. No surgery, woohoo!! Now, I just have to be extra careful and listen
to my knee. And I have to ice it every morning upon waking and after each workout :-/

I need to eat more. (I know, who really has this issue, anyway?) If left to my own devices, I would eat PLENTY. Plenty of sugar, gluten, fast food, baked goods and ice cream. But since I want to treat my body like a temple, I have eliminated those things from my diet almost completely. (Aside from the occasional "cheat meal.") So I just have a hard time eating enough of the healthy stuff, since it's so low in calories and fat and all of that stuff.

(Remnants of a salad of mixed greens, chicken, slivered almonds & apple slices for lunch. If you look closely, 
you may even see a hungry little pit bull to the right, just hoping I accidentally 
drop some food)

We're having Tri Tip for dinner tonight. Have any of you ever had that? It's pretty popular in the area I grew up in, so it very well could be a regional thing. It's a cut of meat off of the bottom of the sirloin cut and it is DEE-LISH-US! And I am EX-CI-TED!

I'm also excited about our "new" house. I am love-love-loving where we live (aside from the fact that we cannot find any good organic health food stores anywhere here). It's quiet and clean. Peaceful. The people are friendly and traffic is practically non-existent. A few miles
down the road from us are horses and goats and chickens. The perfect mix of city & country!

I haven't forgotten about posting pics of the "new" house now that we're all moved in. But.
I'm trying to get the rooms finished before I post pics, because without all the details
(you know, wall art, decor, etc), it just doesn't look all that different. Here are a few
"sneak peek" pics to tide you all over:

 (This fab lime green pillow is sitting atop our couch, with a few other limey-greeny pillows.)

 (We couldn't leave ALL of San Diego behind us...so we incorporated a bit of "home" at home.)
(This is my favorite way to spend my early morning hours, Women's One Year Devotional Bible, mug of hot tea and a pencil for underlining & taking notes. After, of course, I've sent Mr. Lukie off to work with lunch, coffee and protein shake in hand. Life is good.)


  1. I am also a big lover of tri-tip....but then again, I grew up where you did :). I am seeing it more and more in the bay area though so maybe its popularity is growing!

    My recommendations for getting more calories into your diet: olive oil (I drizzle it on everything, make homemade salad dressings), avocados (if you need a quick calorie pick up, you can mash one with salt and pepper and eat it with veggies), smoked almonds, homemade granola, line caught canned tuna and salmon, smoked salmon.

  2. Tri tip is quite popular around here, too! Yummeeee!
    You should look into getting some arnica cream/gel, or even tablets for the muscle soreness. They are homeopathic, and I've heard great things about both. I use the gel for Q's bumps and bruises and it's amazing how much lighter bruising is with it. I know Traumeel is a popular cream, too. Anyway, I've been told to take the arnica tablets after I have this next baby because it helps tremendously with swelling and trauma/injuries. We'll see, but I'm definitely a believer in the cream!

  3. I hope your knee feels better soon!!!

    Can't wait to see pix of your house :)

  4. I can honestly say I have never had Tri Trip. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard of it before.

    I also have to agree with you that I think that the pain that comes with a good work-out is AWESOME! I love it too :) LOL.

    Glade you don't have to surgery on your knee!!!

  5. So many comments!
    1) Where did you find your awesome knee ice pack? (I use bags of frozen vegetables for lack of better options)
    2) I agree with Emily's tips for adding good calories. I use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for everything from cooking, to marinades, to salads (with balsamic vinegar- delish) or just to dip a good crusty bread (with a glass of red of course)
    3)Avocados- love them- slice them and add them to grilled sandwiches on a regular basis. Dice and add to salads, Or you can make a mango avocado salsa to eat with grilled chicken- so good. Big fan.
    4)I prefer raw almonds vs. smoked but yes- almonds are a great snack that provide healthy fats.
    5)Tip for adding even more healthy benefits to salmon (or any entree)- fresh oregano. It has up to 20x more antioxidants than other herbs AND antioxidants help minimize soreness and improve recovery. I've even made egg white omelets with oregano (and spinach or other veggies). Careful though...a little goes a long way and it does have a strong flavor.
    6)What else....oooh I love whole grain organic pasta (penne or rotini) for making my own little salad. I add black beans and or edamame among many other things- veggies, fresh parm cheese or feta...mmmmmm and of course a drizzle of EVOO. I am all about packing in as much nutrition as possible. (Don't get me wrong I do love pizza, fast food, and other good junk from time to time too!) When training though your body appreciate NUTRITION. (learned that the hard way!) Good for you with challenging yourself to see how far you can go. Love it! There you go...that's my book for the day! :D

  6. Oh and I forgot to comment about the coconut water! :) The crazy things we do for our bodies! :) Before my first marathon I tried drinking (well...let's be honest it was more like tried-to-force-my-body-to-swallow-while-ignoring-my-gag-reflex) beet juice. For 5 days in a row. 2 cups a day. It was horrible. Tasted like yard. Dirt, grass, straight up yard. I mixed it with mango, apple, cherry juice--did not cover up the horrible taste. I tried mixing it with smoothies and protein shakes. It was suppose to help with endurance....it did nothing for me. My suggestions for your soreness: hot bath after your workout, then a warm shower and lots of stretching. And go get yourself a good massage! : )

  7. love that pillow, love your hair, love this post!!

  8. Hey - I found your blog through Leah's and saw this post about coconut water. I just started drinking this a few weeks ago, but enjoyed it the most when I made a mocktail a few nights ago. I mixed in a splash of club soda and a generous squeeze of lime juice (along with the wedge). It was very refreshing and tasted good too!


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