Sunday, August 8, 2010

101 in 1001 - #26, #30, #80, #81

#26: Join a CrossFit gym - completed 6/10/10

When we were doing CrossFit out of our garage at home & at a globo gym when we lacked the equipment necessary to work out, we didn't understand the high prices for CrossFit gym memberships. Since we've moved (and are now able to afford a CF membership), we realize that there is so much more to a CF gym than we ever knew. The community is amazing. Like minded people, sharing knowledge. Having fun. Learning together. Sweating, crying, and bleeding side by side. Something about that last statement draws you far closer with people than you would imagine. It's been a wonderful way for us to not only improve physically and mentally, but we've already met some amazing people who will, no doubt, be lifelong friends.

#30: Find a church to call our home church - completed 6/2010
What a great story here! Before we decided to leave San Diego & move into the house that we owned (and are now living in), we had to have the locks changed when the tenants moved out. I found some random locksmith on Yelp and set the appointment. He pulls up in van, gets out and is just a kid. But a polite, well spoken kid. He changes our locks and gets ready to leave and says, "God bless!" Mr. Lukie smiled and said, "What was that?" "Oh...I said 'God bless!'" Mr. Lukie said, "Cool, man...God bless you, too!" 

He then says, " guys Christians?" We said we were, and he said, "Well, if you decide to move back here and are looking for a church, come check out the church I go to. I'm part of the team that leads the 18-25 group, and it's an awesome church. Here's a card." Several months later, when we actually did move here, it was the first church we checked out...and it was an immediate fit. I'm actually hoping to begin a teaching position at the church, once a week, for pre-school aged children. The best part? A ton of the members of our CrossFit gym attend church here, too. Doesn't God work in amazing ways?

#80: Try 3 gluten-free baking recipes - completed 8/8/10
First, I made gluten-free brownies. Yuck, yuck, yuck. There were terrible, and we actually threw out the entire batch. Then, I made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They are delish, and I've made several more batches of them since then. And today, I made double chocolate chunk cookies and they win, hands down, for the best gluten-free cookie recipe I've tried. Let's just say that the recipe made about 20 cookies, and we're down to 9 (in a matter of 4 hours, people!) I'll post recipes soon!

#81: Do 10 pull ups in a row - completed 6/30/10
This was a BIG accomplishment for me. I did 10 pull ups in a row, unassisted (no band, just pure muscle, baby!) Since then, I've upped my goal to 20 in a row, but I am so proud of myself! When I started hitting the workouts hard back in January, I could barely do 1 pull up on my own, and in a matter of 5 months, I got strong enough to do 10. My body continues to amaze me with the things it can do that my mind definitely doesn't think it can. I love how I physically prove my mental self wrong ALL the time in CrossFit.


  1. You totally rock my world!

  2. Oh, I could eat me some double chocolate chip cookies with a big ol' glass of milk. Would love your recipe!

  3. Go you!!! Pull up are so tough! You must be working really hard! Keep it up girl!

  4. Daaaaaaaaaang, girl! 10 pullups in a row?! You rock. Good for you!

    Amazing story about finding a church. God orchestrates everything perfectly.

  5. Impressive withthe pullups! I'm going to research for a crossfit gym in my area.

  6. AWESOME! I'm so glade you guys have found a church to be apart of, and way to go on the pull-ups!!! I'd be happy if maybe, someday I could do just one! LOL.

  7. Can't wait for the cookie recipe! And love that you found a community to call home :)

  8. Wow, that is awesome! :) I want that recipe!

  9. I'm so excited to see another CrossFitter have great results. Like I said - we've only been doing it for a week but I'm already hooked and loving it!

    I would love to hear any suggestions you have about Zone or Paleo. I've heard other CrossFitters that follow Paleo - but our gym tends to follow Zone so that's what we are sticking with.

    I'm jealous of your abs - that's my goal! :)


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