Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again. Already. 


I promise you, it feels like I just packed up Christmas trees and ornaments, decorations and flourishes just a few months ago. My poor husband, having to climb back up in the rafters in the attic to pull down our 14 Rubbermaid bins of Christmas stuff. 

What? You don't think 14 bins of Christmas stuff is normal for a newlywed couple without kids? Well, I'm here to prove you wrong, because it IS normal! Normal for two people who LOVE Christmas as much as we do.
Anyway, Mr. Lukie has begun searching the web for the perfect Christmas card to send out. He does this each year, though he would deny it if you asked him point blank. And he'll be embarrassed that I told you that. Because, you know, he's all manly and stuff. And doesn't care about sending out Christmas cards, let alone what they look like. Right.

So when I heard about Shutterfly giving away 50 free holiday cards to bloggers, I told hubby to halt operations, and I jumped on it! First of all, I have ordered prints from Shutterfly on numerous occasions, and I am always pleased with the quality, the ease of ordering, and how quickly they arrive at my doorstep (in perfect condition, might I add!)

Now, I haven't cleared these selections with him (yet), but I will. My top 3 choices (in no particular order) are:

I like this one because it provides space for 2 photos, but also provides space to give a quick little blurb about the highlights of 2010, without going into one of those lengthy "newsletter" type deals many people send out at Christmastime. No offense if this applies to you, honest. It's just not our 'thing.'
I LOVE this one because of the simplicity of it. It's pretty, without being fancy. It's simple, without being plain. It's functional, without being super organized. So far, I'm thinking this is it...but the Mr. has to have his opinion counted, as well.

Another one that I'm totally in love with, mostly because of the message. I like that the "believe" can have 2 different meanings, depending on who is reading it. I interpret the "believe" as to believe in God, most especially at this time of year. You may interpret the "believe" as to believe in Santa Claus. However it is interpreted, I love what it means for me.

Now that we've I've narrowed down our holiday cards to 3, I need to either have some photos taken (pronto!) or find some recent, but high quality photos of us and the furkids to throw on these bad boys. You read that right. The "newsletter" things at Christmastime aren't for us, but including our dogs on our holiday cards? A must :)


  1. Aw I LOVE the second card and the third man well okay and the first one man this is so hard LOL.. I think thats so adorable you include your fur babies in your cards lol.

    We LOVE Christmas too its are favorite holiday..

  2. Haha, as I glanced out my window last night and saw my neighbors house all lit up, tree in the window, I thought "I wish I decorated more, but it's just me, if I had kids, I would put the tree up", so I will live vicariously through you this holiday season and just be happy with the lights I hung in the front window :)

  3. I like the first one and LOVE the third one!
    Happy Decorating!

  4. Ahhh! I'm so not ready to decorate for Christmas. I need to buy a new tree (real ones make us sneeze...) totally lacking motivation (and sleep!) right now. I love the first card, too!

  5. What darling cards and I can't believe that it is time for Christmas either! I like the last card the best, also because of the positive message. Beautiful!

  6. I just got my Shutterfly cards in the mail yesterday and I LOVE THEM! :)


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