Monday, December 27, 2010

101 in 1001 - #58, #36, #28, #51, #65, #33, #34, #89

#58 & #36: Go wine tasting in Temecula, just for fun - completed 8/13/10
Two of our dear friends from San Diego came to visit us in our new city & see our new house, so we decided to take advantage of our proximity to wine country, and head out for some wine tasting. We just stayed at one winery, and ended up ordering a picnic lunch out on the grass overlooking the vineyard. It was a gorgeous day with great wine, yummy food, and amazing friends.

#28: Do a Muscle-Up - completed 8/25/10
I don't have a photo for this one, because I had no idea it was going to happen that day. I was just playing around on the rings at  Gymnastics one Sunday Funday, and next thing I knew, I had done a Muscle-Up! I surprised myself, and thankfully, my Coach got my 3rd one of the day on film, which you can see by clicking here. I'm in the Groucho disguise, in case you can't tell which one I am...or in case you don't know what a Muscle Up is ;)

#51: Attend my 10-year High School Reunion- completed 10/16/10

 I had mixed feelings about attending my 10-Year high school reunion. I'm a very different person now than I was in high school--for the better--and just wasn't sure how much grace my fellow classmates would (or wouldn't) give me. I'm so happy I went! The grace was flowing & some relationships were rekindled/repaired, and I had a wonderful time. Mr. Lukie went with me, and it was only his second trip to my tiny hometown. This is a picture of me & 2 of my best friends from high school--Ally on the left & Robin on the right. These two are beautiful...inside and out.

#65: Shoot a gun at the shooting range - completed 11/26/10
This is me & Miranda. She is our 'home security system' that we purchased several months ago, but hadn't yet had a chance to shoot. While we were in Kanab, Utah, for Thanksgiving, we took her out to the shooting range and had a lot of fun shooting at targets, bowling pins & all sorts of other fun stuff. When I was in 4-H as a kid, I was in Marksmanship (basically, shooting), and I was quite good. But it had been a good...ohhh...10 years since I had last shot a gun, and a good 12 years since I last shot a rifle, so it was a lot of fun & it all came back very quickly.

#33 & #34: Host a dinner party & Have a "Girls Weekend" just because - completed 12/18-19/10
I have met some of the most amazing girls through my CrossFit gym out here. Girls who are like soul sisters, and I love it! The other night, I had 3 of them over for a girls weekend sleepover plus dinner party, where we ate pizza (not part of the original plan...but it worked!), drank wine, made Christmas cookies, and talked, talked, talked. Such a wonderful evening with wonderful girlfriends. It was much needed by all, and we all awoke the next morning refreshed and feeling lighter in our shoes than we had in weeks. Ahhhh...nothing better than a handful of great girlfriends. {Side note about the photo: it was almost midnight & we wanted to document the evening...except we all had taken our make up off and were in our jammies, so none of us liked any of the pictures we had taken previously. We joked that we should put masks on, and somehow, hair covering our faces came about}

#89: See 3 plays put on by local theaters - completed 12/22/10
It has become tradition for Mr. Lukie and I to go out to a nice dinner and then go see How The Grinch Stole Christmas at The Old Globe, in Balboa Park (San Diego). This was our third year seeing it, and it just gets better every year. I love the story of The Grinch--one of my favorites! We had an amazing dinner at Urban Solace in North Park beforehand....Yummm! This was the 3rd play to round out my goal, with Lost in Yonkers and Beauty and the Beast coming in first & second. I just don't have photos from those nights...hence The Grinch photo :)


  1. FUN!! The girls night is my favorite. There's nothing better than getting together with all your favorite ladies and chilling :) Glad you could make it happen!

  2. Great update! I need to make some progress on my list too. Love that you've formed some great friendships through CF too!

  3. Awesome completed tasks! My poor list has been slightly stagnant thanks to all these life changes the last 6-8mo... but not dead! Thanks for re-motivating me! :)

  4. merry christmas & happy new year


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