Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Bye Nursing School...

...Helllllllloooooo, CrossFit Headquarters!

That's right, I ditched the prospect of Nursing School to pursue an offer to accept the most incredible job, working for the most incredible company. CrossFit is something I am insanely passionate about, and to have the opportunity to work for Headquarters is both rare and awesome, all at the same time.

The truth is, I've been interning for CFHQ since October, plus going to school. Life has been busy and tough, but has paid off. My internship went from unpaid to paid in 3 weeks. Then, it went from an internship (14 hours/week) to a full-time gig in 2 months. The original plan was an unpaid internship for 3 months, a paid internship for another 3 months, then the possibility of a full time job offer after those initial 6 months. I sorta skipped ahead about 4 months, though, and landed a career out of this!

The deal?
1. I work from home.
2. {always}
3. I work whatever hours I want to work, as long as I get my work done & my hours in.
4. {11pm-6am? Sure! 2 hours on Sunday & 6 hours on Monday? Sure!}
5. I wear jammies, or yoga pants, or a robe to work.
6. {no one sees me, ever. we just communicate via email & phone}
7. I don't have to commute, or share an office, or report to a boss.
8. {well, I suppose the dogs could count as office mates, but aside from being stinky at times, they're the best office mates a girl could ask for!}
9. The pay & benefits package are more than I could have ever expected as a first year RN.
10. {salaried, amazing health insurance, 401k matching, & more!}
11. This job allows me to be a work at home mommy, if/when that season of life comes upon us.
12. {what an unexpected blessing, to be a dual-income household again, with such an amazing opportunity for a long, happy career}

Looking forward to 2011!


  1. I'm still so excited for you!! :) I can't believe how awesome it is that this fell into your lap! :)

  2. That is AMAZING, Sarah!!! What an incredible blessing. I'm so happy for you. I see God preparing a wonderful life for you, Mr. Lukie and your future babies :)

  3. Wow! That is incredible! Congrats Sarah :)

  4. Wow, that's so great! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats! That is so exciting!

  6. Congratulations, what a fantastic opportunity!! :D

  7. Praise the Lord! What a cool deal!

  8. It sounds too good to be true! That's awesome Sarah! Congratulations & cheers to a wonderful 2011!!!

  9. Still so happy for you!

    And you know what is even more awesome? At least in MI when you work from home, you can deduct a TON of stuff on your taxes. My friend here deducts part of his property taxes, utilities and so much more because he works from home.

  10. Congrats!!! That sounds like an AWESOME job!!!

  11. Are you, freaking, kidding me?! So incredibly excited for you. God is so good!


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