Monday, January 3, 2011

A Lesson

I realized, in all my happiness of becoming reacquainted with my blog, I never came back to tell the story of this post.

How I went from looking like this on Friday morning (the day after Thanksgiving, in Kanab, Utah):

To looking like this on Saturday morning (at the Kane County ED):

To looking like this the following Wednesday (at the Orthopedists office back at home):

Well, let's start at the beginning, shall we? Mr. Lukie and I were invited to spend Thanksgiving with his aunt, uncle, cousins & some friends at their property in Kanab, Utah. They renovated a big barn into a house, and we've heard story after story of how much fun they have there. They go shooting, off roading, dirt bike riding, and sledding. There is a lot of relaxing, eating, and spending time around the bonfire. 

Sounded like the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving to us! So, off we went. 

We encountered tumbleweed storms on the way there...

But all in all, we made it safe & sound.

We pulled down a long, dusty road and arrived to this:

(There wasn't snow on the ground when we arrived, so it was dusty, I assure you)

We ate a delish Thanksgiving feast, sat around the fire & talked, played cards, and just relaxed.

The next morning, we got up, ate a delish breakfast, got dressed & headed out to the shooting range. In case you wanted to know, this is what my husband looks like with a gun:

So I admit that probably didn't do for you what it did for me. I mean GI Joe has nothin' on my man...but I digress.

After we went shooting, we came back to the barn for a delish lunch (do you notice a theme here, with the food?) 

Lunch turned into dinner, and we had a delish dinner. And from dinner, I don't know where things went wrong, but this is what began happening:

And then this (silly boys!):

And then, out of the corner of the room, a voice. "I bet my wife can do more pull ups than you can!"

Which, ultimately, led to this:

Thankfully, the cameraman (::ahem:: who just so happened to be the same man who threw his uber-competitive wife into a pull up contest with a grown man), didn't capture the fall, nor the immediate aftermath of the fall, but he did capture this:

No, I wasn't happy about the fall from 13' up in the air, landing on my left side & bracing the fall with my hand. I also wasn't happy about the wind being knocked out of me, or the incredible amount of pain that I felt in my forearm. And the fact that I couldn't move my fingers at all had me incredibly scared.

But. There were several little ones around, and it freaked them out to see me laying on the ground. the sound of the air rushing out of my lungs when I hit the cement scared them, and they were all very concerned. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, even though I wanted to cry, and was slightly embarrassed. 

So, instead, I dug down way deep. Wayyyyy deep. And I forced a smile and a laugh. The little ones felt better when they saw that I was "okay." But Mr. Lukie was down on the ground with me, examining my arm and doing an assessment (thank God for a paramedic husband who was actually there when something like this occurred!)

Off to bed I went that night, with 4 Advil, an ice pack and an ace bandage. We thought it was just a sprain, until I woke up the next morning, and even the weight of the bedsheet on my arm made me yell in pain.

One hour, one set of x-rays, one splint & one sling later, we were on our way back to the barn to eat, relax, and sit around the fire.

I go back to the ortho this Friday, and, Lord willing, get this cast off. It will be 6 weeks to the day that it happened, and only having use of one arm? It was difficult. I'm just now able to do things completely on my own--getting dressed, using the restroom, bathing, eating, housework, etc. 
You know how "they" say to never pray for patience?

Um, yeah. Don't. 

Because you just might break your wrist, be in a cast for 6 weeks, and have to rely on others to dress you, bathe you, cook for you, clean for you & take care of you.

And no, it isn't anywhere near as pampering & relaxing as it might sound when reading it.

I'm ready to be independent again, but thank you, God, for the lesson in patience.


  1. Oh my goodness girl. Only you. Only you. But I'm so glad to know you.

    Good for you in handling your reaction so well, so that you didn't scare the little ones. I can't believe you went to sleep with advil that night though!

  2. You know, I was wondering what had happened! Glad you are OK, and glad you didn't scare the little ones. Sometimes those lessons are hard- trust me, I know that!

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  4. No one asked the important question: Did you win the pull up contest?

  5. Oh wow! So sorry to hear that you had such an unfortunate take away from your holidays! Glad it's healing well though, and that you're back on your own. - I know it's not easy being dependent on others for so long@

  6. Yes Sar...did you win!!?? :) did you fall exactly. Did you lose your grip!?

  7. those boys look like they were having fun! oh no, your poor arm! hope you can get out of that cast soon!

  8. I hope your doing good, at least the cast gives you a chance to order your husband around. Especially when you mention that he started it. Don't forget to moan when you want something. Mainly, feel better!

  9. I hope that you are feeling better and that when ever you want something than, moan and work it! Mainly, feel good.


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