Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7w1d - Are My Dates Right??

Mmmkay...for those of you who said I wasn't showing at all at week 5, can you see the difference between then and now? {And if you can't, I suggest a visit to the optometrist, stat}.

How far along?  7 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain/loss?  I honestly don't know, as I don't own a scale {yes, you read that correctly. And no, I do not plan on changing that any time soon...and certainly not whilst pregnant}. I know that prior to falling pregnant {I love that term, and I'm not sure why}, I was weighing in between 128-130 pounds. I'll give you all the update after my first appointment on March 1st, but I know for a fact I have not lost a single pound.

Maternity clothes?  Nope. But I'm definitely do the "hair-tie" trick in order to still wear my jeans.

Stretch marks? Nope, but I will assure you my hips & booty will be covered in them, at the very least. It's what happened during puberty, so I am quite certain it will also happen during pregnancy. Darn genetics.

Sleep?  It's hit or miss. Some nights I sleep really well. Other nights, I wake up every 3 hours because I'm uncomfortable physically and then realize I have to pee. Then, I have to find a comfortable position once I get back to bed. I'm thinking this is a 1st trimester thing and that I'll get back to sleeping somewhat regularly in the 2nd tri. Pretty please?

Best moment last week? Knowing that Baby Lukie's heart began beating! So insanely cool that it happens so early on!

Movement?  No, still have awhile for that. The only movement I feel is my uterus growing--those little twinges & tugs and slight cramps. Once I found out what they were, I started smiling every time I felt them, knowing my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing to prepare for Baby Lukie's growth.

Food cravings?  No, although food in general just doesn't sound appetizing to me at all. {Not that any non-food sounds appetizing. Just thought I'd mention that.} No food aversions, though, which is nice. The only thing I find that I must have every single morning is orange juice, which is completely out of the norm for me.

Gender? We won't find out until birth day...but I am totally feeling girl. Which is funny, because we are both in want of a boy.

Labor signs? Ha. Not even close.

Belly button in/out? 100% in.

What I miss: Fitting into my jeans. Feeling thin, as opposed to chunky. As vain as it sounds, I want to wear a shirt in public that says, "It's not a beer belly. It's a baby belly." {I know, I know... but still...}

What I am looking forward to: My first OB appointment on March 1st. Meeting with a certified nurse midwife to discuss home birth.

Milestones: None, that I'm aware of. Unless you count the fact that I no longer look like a pre-pubescent girl in the chest department. I am a bona fide woman, now!


  1. Definitely a baby bump! Early on you always get "bloat", for some it's more noticeable in the mornings, others the evening. I always looked bigger in the afternoon/evening. I look back on my 6wk pics from Q and I can't believe how flat my stomach was...and that was with me seeing some growth. Ohhh, how things change. ;) I got stretch marks during puberty, too, so I feel for ya. I stretched all over, behind my knees even. It was ridiculous, I look like a road map, esp. my boobs. But I'm not bitter, really! It's all worth it for those babies. And, I started out at the same weight as you, too. The one thing I can gladly say is that even though I gained majorly, it came off quickly!
    The first appointment is SO awesome, I'm excited you're going the midwifery route, it was such a great experience for me. I gave birth in a birthing center at the hospital, but wish we lived in Texas where I could try a stand alone center. Hubby won't let me birth at home, and he doesn't put his foot down about hardly anything, so I have to respect that. Buuut, the birthing center was still awesome. You'll love the natural route!

  2. You look awesome. I definitely see a little bump there :)

    About stretch marks. You might just not get them. I was so freaked out and diligent about doing everytthing in my power to not get them and in the end I got what my friends call "teeny tiny" stretch marks. So can't even see them! It makes me feel like a woman who carried a child but still can have her body back :)

    And oh, girl....ENJOY those boobs. I'm on the small side too but dang, I rocked some melons during my pregnancy and while I breastfed. Sadly, they deflate back to nothing when all is said and done :( Luckily because I was so small to begin with, they look the same. Consider yourself lucky that you aren't starting out with some huge bewbs that have the potential to sag!

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  4. LOL, now I can tell you're showing, but you STILL look toned and fabulous!!!

    I didn't own a scale when I was pregnant with Landon either! I just bought one last March when we went to Hawaii, so I could weigh my luggage! haha

    (I deleted my last post bc of dumb misspellings...I am typing in the dark!)

  5. Sarah, I love how excited you are about all the little things! Because really, that's what it's about! :) I think that is an adorable 7wk bump!!

  6. So adorable! I love these updates, and you look great :)

  7. You've still got definition in your abs though! I'm not pregnant and your stomach looks way better than mine! So jealous. :)

    How are your CF workouts going? I'm really interested to see how you manage during your pregnancy!

  8. You look great! Good idea w/ not having a scale...especially while pregnant. I made my hubby hide ours! :) The first appointment is so cool when you get to hear/see the baby!

  9. Aww you look fabulous! And I can remember relating to nearly everything on your list, especially an aversion to eating in general. Except those awesome abs -- definitely didn't have those pre-pregnancy and most DEFINITELY don't now! But I was blessed enough not to have problems sleeping till late 2nd trimester, so there's that. :)

    Still trying to figure out what gender vibe you're sending...I'll keep you posted. ;)

  10. Yay, yay! I can't wait to hear about your first appointment!

  11. Absolutely adorable. I remember how hard it was for me to start showing with Isaac. I thought it would be easier with LO, but in truth it's been just as difficult because I haven't had the time to be as active as I was when pregnant with Isaac.

    So exciting to hear that you're going with a MW and that you're considering a homebirth! You've done your research lady!

  12. This is so cute. You will love looking back on this.

  13. Cute and I LOVE how organized your closet is! :)

  14. I think you're showing a bump just cuz you were so toned to begin with - nowhere to go but out! Can def tell it's a baby tho, too cute!

  15. I can see the bump! But I agree with the previous commenter, I think the only reason why you are showing is because you are so fit there is nowhere else for the baby to go but out! You look great!

  16. By the way, I'm a little jealous that even though you are pregnant, and still have definition in your abs! Seriously, crazy! I need some tips!


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