Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8w1d - And Some Updates!

So I thought I had missed the 8 week update while we were on the cruise. Turns out...due to my long cycles, all of the online due date calculators were off by 8 days, soooo...I've been 1w1d ahead of myself the entire time! 

My original (self-given) EDD was October 4, 2011. We had our first visit with the OB yesterday, where we got a new EDD of October 12, 2011. Sooo, I'll be working backwards a bit on these updates ;)  

Anyway, here I am at 6w6d (please forgive me, this is the best I could do on the cruise ship with the limited mirror space I had!):

And since I apparently don't ever take photos of my bump fully clothed, I was feeling extra large on my way to a baby shower on Sunday, so I snapped this quick pic before I headed out the door (7w4d):

And now for the Week 8 pics:


Our first OB appointment went great. He said that Baby Lukie & Mama are looking supremely healthy & all seems to be well. We had a really fast heartrate of 171 beats per minute (threw that out there for all of you "high heartrate=girl  /  low heartrate=boy" lovers!) Baby Lukie danced & danced for us, spinning all around and being insanely cute already. Hearing the heartbeat was one of the most intense, joyous, surreal things in all of the world! Mr. Lukie and I both definitely got emotional during that time, and it was insanely sweet.

For your viewing pleasure, I'd like to introduce to you Baby Lukie! (Yes, I realize that s/he may not be nearly as cute to you as s/he is to us...and that's okay. I'll help you out--the head is the blob on the lower right hand side, and the rump is the blob on the upper left hand side. See? Way cute, huh?!):

How far along?  8 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain/loss? Ugh. 7 pounds...already. I don't see it anywhere else on my body but my belly, and the OB assured me that my weight gain was fine, due to how lean I was prior to getting pregnant. But still. 7 pounds in 8 weeks is difficult to swallow.

Maternity clothes?  Nope. I've moved beyond the "hair-tie" trick to the Bella Band. Some of my shirts are getting a little short in the front, so the Bella Band helps with that. I may be purchasing some maternity shirts to grow into at some point this month.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep?  It's getting better. I'm ready for bed at 7:30pm, but have too many things left to get done for the day, so I usually end up in bed by 9:30 or 10:00. I'm still getting up to pee once or twice throughout the night, and I can no longer sleep on my belly because it is really uncomfortable (on both my belly *and* my boobs).

Best moment last week? FINALLY not experiencing an ounce of nausea! I was so worried that the combination of being on a cruise (my first, thus, no idea if I am prone to being sea sick) and the nausea would make for a terrible vacation. Miraculously, at 7 weeks, I felt tons better and haven't had any bouts with nausea since. Amen!

Movement?  No, still have awhile for that.

Food cravings?  Still no. Food is beginning to sound a bit more appetizing these days, and I'm finding it easier to eat this week than I have the past 2 weeks. Nice to feel semi normal regarding food again.

Gender? We won't find out until birth day...but I am still totally feeling girl. 

Labor signs? Ha. Not even close.

Belly button in/out? 100% in.

What I miss: The only thing I can possibly think of is sleeping on my belly.

What I am looking forward to: My first prenatal massage. It's amazing to me that this sweet little thing is already wreaking havoc on my body, but I am S-O-R-E! It's a different kind of sore than I've ever felt before and I can't really explain it. I just hope the massage provides a bit of relief.

Milestones: Baby Lukie's feet & hand buds have appeared! We even saw them on the sonogram!


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  2. So glad to hear that all is going well for mama and Baby Lukie! You still look amazing. Very lean and beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your cruise!

  3. I hear ya on the weight gain. I wish I could say it gets easier, but it hasn't for me. At least its for a good cause! Isn't hearing the heartbeat awesome! I still love it every time I go in!
    I hope you had a great time on your cruise :)

  4. You look fabulous! I'm loving the bump :)

    I thought it was high heartbeat = boy/low heartbeat = girl. That's what tipped me off that Eli was a mister. Regardless, you can't always rely on the HB for an accurate gender!

    I was terribly sore during those first few weeks too. The pregnancy hormone makes your lignaments and joints loose so that's probably what you're feeling. Hang in there and get lots of massages!!! :)

  5. I was a week ahead in my predictions as well, so now you are only a day behind! :) yay! So excited to share this journey with you! You look great and baby L is so cute! :)

  6. You look fab! Baby V's heartrate was 169 last time...just sayin.

    This weight gain has been a pain in my rear...or back, lol. I hope you enjoy the massages!

  7. Congrats, great to hear that all is well.

    Kudos to you for not finding out the gender. We didn't find out the gender with our third baby and it was an amazing moment when DH called out "it's a GIRL!"

    Hopefully the soreness/fatigue will wear off soon for you, but in the mean time, enjoy that massage!

  8. Love the bump! Don't worry about the weight gain. You look like you're going to be an all-belly girl anyway and I know you won't let yourself go nuts. You know it's for a healthy baby. I'm of the "high heart-rate equals girl" camp too. I'm thinkin' Team Pink! ;)

  9. Just saw that you are pregnant! Congrats! :)

    I think I have that striped bathing suit.

    PS - I didn't know you went to SDSU! :)

  10. I remember hitting the 8 week mark and having a gain of 5 lbs. I almost had a heart attack! Big huge congrats to you though. This is the scary time of pregnancy so just hold onto that baby with all your might.


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