Wednesday, April 27, 2011

16w1d - No More Beer Belly!


How far along?  16 weeks, 1 day (though I measured 18weeks at my midwife appointment today, and last month I measured 1 week ahead...eek!)

Total weight gain/loss? +5lbs

Maternity clothes?  Mix of maternity & regular. But, mostly yoga pants & t shirts.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep?  Still sleeping well! I keep finding myself on my back when I wake up at night, but my midwife assures me I will 'self correct' when it becomes necessary to do so.

Best moment last week? Being asked by 2 strangers when I am due!! more beer belly!

Movement?  Still the same ol' flutters & 'quickening.' I know it's Baby Lukie, but I can't wait until it's more substantial.
Symptoms?  Thank goodness the lower back/tailbone pain has disappeared! No other symptoms...I'm so loving being pregnant :)

Food cravings? None.

Gender? We won't find out until birth day...but I'm feeling girl.

Labor signs? Ha. Not even close.

Belly button in/out? In, but shallow.

What I miss: Nada!

What I am looking forward to: Our 20 week ultrasound. Though we aren't finding out the gender, I can't wait to see this sweet little one again!

Milestones: Hitting the "4 month" mark. Being truly recognized as pregnant by strangers.


  1. Your hair is getting so long!

  2. Yup...undeniably pregnant :) yay! You look fabulous.

  3. You are such a cute preggy :)

  4. You look so stinking cute! Plus, your comment about yoga pants and t-shirts got me really excited--that was the BEST during pregnancy, and I just realized that next time around for me, I could actually DO THAT!

  5. You're definitley looking pregnant! How exciting!

  6. You look great! Ill am curious to see if your girl prediction is right:)

  7. you are too cute mama! I worried about finding myself on my back a lot too but don't worry you will auto correct.

  8. So cute!!! Glad things are going so well for you! :)


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