Saturday, May 28, 2011

The BIG Ultrasound

We had our "big" ultrasound on Wednesday. It was one of the coolest things, ever! Mr. Lukie hasn't seen the baby since it was 8 weeks, when it looked like a little blob, so seeing an actual BABY on the screen got him all sorts of excited. It was adorable.

Mr. Lukie's favorite part of the 45 minute ultrasound? Watching the baby open & close its mouth, over and over. Adorable.

My favorite part of the 45 minute ultrasound? Seeing that beautiful heart flut-flut-fluttering. It still amazes me that a heartbeat can be seen at 6 weeks on ultrasound, and it just continues to beat & beat, for the rest of its sweet little life. 

And now, I'd like to introduce you to sweet Baby L:

Baby L's head, body, booty, legs & spine.

Baby L's face--the big black hole on the left is the forehead, then there are 2 eyes underneath, a nose, and a tiny black hole which is the mouth (which kept opening & closing over & over throughout the u/s--so cute!)

Footprint! (Some friends on FB thought this was a shot of 2 legs with something in between...I hate to disappoint, but there will be no revealing of the gender to ANYONE until birth day. Mama & Daddy included!)

Profile shot of Baby L. Do you see the head & torso? Good. Now, do you see where it looks like the baby is folded in half at the hips, with its legs parallel to its body, and its little feet up and OVER it's head? Yeah. So we pretty much watched baby get into this position and I realized that this is what I feel baby doing, most of the time. Crazy!


  1. Awwww, sweet bebe!!! The 20 week(ish) u/s is my favvvorite! It's so amazing to see that little life take such a baby-like form. Some of the positions they put themselves in make me cringe, ha! LOL'd about the "gender" shot. Only a man would think their goods are the size of a foot. Hahaha.

  2. Awwww, adorable! I love these pictures, so sweet. Baby L is beautiful!!!


  3. Congratulations! This is so exciting - and so much fun to get those first "pictures" of what your sweet baby looks like! :)

  4. I wanted to be an Ultrasound Tech (Sonographer) for the longest time because it just amazes me how you can see life through this window. Do you guys plan to do the 3D one-- I was there for my goddaughter's... very, very neat and I suggest if its a possibility :)


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