Friday, June 17, 2011

23w3d - Oh, Baby!

How far along?  23 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss? According to my records: +14lbs. According to my OB's records: 9lbs.

Maternity clothes?  All bottoms. Most tops, though I do mix & match every so often.

Stretch marks? Nada.

Sleep?  It's really hit or miss these days. I miss the days when I went to bed & woke up in the same position I fell asleep in...

Best moment last week? Throwing a "sprinkle" for my girlfriend who is expecting her 2nd little girl on July 11th. Receiving the invite in the mail for my Baby Shower next month--can't wait!

Movement?  Still all the time :) We played "tag" yesterday--I pushed on my belly where s/he is and then s/he would kick me back in that exact spot. Sooo cute!
Symptoms?  Nothing major, these days. Except that I'm totally feeling, like, truly pregnant now. Bending over & getting out of bed are getting to be quite interesting tasks. Oh, and that pesky round ligament pain has made a reappearance, with a vengeance.

Food cravings? Fresh fruit! Grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, strawberries... Finally, my sweet tooth has gone away (for now).

Gender? We will find out on Birth Day.

Labor signs? Just some BH here & there. Nothing major though.

Belly button in/out? Flat on the bottom, have a tiny bit to go on the top before it is 100% flat. Which, then, will move on to a total outie, of this I am positive.

What I miss: My thighs not touching. And that's all I care to say about that.

What I am looking forward to: CrossFit SoCal Regionals this weekend! Getting our new couch!

Milestones: Baby L's face is fully formed now, minus the additional fat that s/he will gain over the next 17 weeks! 

**At our midwife appointment on Tuesday, Baby L's heartbeat was 136...the lowest it has been yet! I'm curious to see what it is at my next OB appointment in a few weeks. Also, I measured at 24-25 weeks yesterday. Back to measuring 1-2 weeks ahead, again. Baby L's arrival shall be a huge surprise for us all, it seems! {This also makes me laugh, because so many people like to tell me how "tiny" I am for how far along in my pregnancy I am}.


  1. lol @ thighs not touching. As beautiful an experience it is, I can imagine the weight gain part is a bit tough!
    I love the mystery of this-- Baby L will be a big surprise (b/g & day!) Makes it fun to read!
    You look great, Sarah!

  2. I definitely agree with how tiny you are! You look so lovely. :) I'm afraid "marriage weight" and baby weight are adding up--non-perks of getting preggo on your honeymoon, lol! But I won't complain, just do lots of sit ups when baby is here, haha.
    I enjoy your updates, since I relate to them. I'm excited for when our littles are here!

  3. That has to be comical knowing that you are measuring ahead but people think you are tiny! I think you are tiny too- but looking great! :)

  4. You look lovely. :) How did you manage to get a tattoo that looks so good with a baby belly? :)

  5. I think you look fantastic! And of course you look tiny, you are! I always measured behind and looked like a hippo, makes sense. ;)


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