Monday, June 27, 2011

What's In My Fridge? I'll Show You!

Caroline, over at The Feminist Housewife, posed a question today--"What's In Your Fridge?" Then she sorta dared her readers to post photos guessed it...what is in their fridge.

Had this occurred 3 days ago, my fridge would have been stocked full of super delish things; however, 3 days covers A LOT of food in this house (especially when your hubby has to pack 3 days worth of food in his cooler to take to work for a 72 hour shift...), so I'm afraid my fridge is a bit bare. That's okay, you can get a general idea of what is typically in my fridge.

Without further ado... My Fridge:

Top shelf are my "fats": freshly ground almond butter, almonds, avocados & a few Brown Cow (full fat with cream top...Mmmm!) yogurts. Middle shelf are my "ready to eat" foods: cantaloupe, pineapple, sliced/baked chicken breast, strawberries (hiding) and cauliflower.

String cheese, shredded cheese, steak strips, sliced turkey deli meat (hiding is bacon).
Top shelf: eggs, left over spaghetti squash in marinara, defrosted tri-tip. Middle shelf: chopped up broccoli and brussels sprouts in the clear bins. There is the very top of a lone Coors Light poking out in the back (that has been in there for, oh, I don't know, 6 months?) and a small thing of Sicilian olives on top of the brussels sprouts.

Pull out drawer: red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, squash, baby carrots, butter lettuce and baby lettuce (hiding).
Bottom pull out drawer: oranges & apples.
Door: calcium/magnesium supplement in liquid form, capers, bleu cheese stuffed olives, heavy whipping cream, 2 bottles of liquid fish oil (tangerine flavor...Mmmm!), bottled water, whole milk, various sauces (worcestershire, ketchup, sweet chili), bottles of G2, doggy fish oil & a random bottle of blueberry pancake syrup.
Top lift up thingy: unsalted butter, ghee & hummus.

And there you have it. We don't have much in our pantry, because we eat fresh, organic, whole foods, but our freezer is filled with lean meats and a bag of frozen berries for protein shakes. Pretty boring.

Sooo...What's In Your Fridge? If you decide to participate, let me know!


  1. You are so organized! Am I allowed to clean my fridge first?

    From: Sarah (I have no idea why I can't log into my account to make a comment).

  2. Wow, I can't believe how organized your fridge is! It's so smart to have "ready to eat" things on hand. Thanks so much for linking up!! = )

  3. Damn, I need to clean my fridge out! Right now you'd see 3 cartons of farm fresh eggs, olives, other stuff and a big bag of fruit that is past it's freshness and needs to go in the compost bin.

  4. Can I request a post about you guys and eating Paleo? I see you have cheese (which has always been my stumbling block from giving Paleo a shot). I'd just love to hear more about it and what you guys do!

  5. WHERE did you find those steak stips!? I just went to the store tonight craving something carne asada-esqu and didn't want to buy regular steak. I wanted thin skirt steak!
    Anyway, I need to get better at the 'ready to eat' items... makes it much more convenient!

  6. Haha, wow, I would love to hear of things you guys eat, your favorite recipes, etc. We've been wanting to do more whole, oraganic, fresh foods--but have had a hard time getting started. I love the ready-to-eat stuff too!


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