Thursday, July 21, 2011

28w2d - Linea Negra & An Outie

I decided to include a shot from the front this week, because you can see that stomach is at epic basketball proportions this way--you can't see that, though, from the profile shots ;)

How far along?  28 weeks, 2 days (pics taken at 28w1d)

Total weight gain/loss? According to my records: +20lbs. According to my OB's records: +15lbs.

Maternity clothes?  Aside from my yoga pants, pretty much everything I wear is maternity these days. Very few non-mat things fit me. I walked out of the house yesterday wearing a non-mat tank top and didn't realize that about 2 inches of my belly was poking out! Note to self: ALWAYS do a once over in the mirror, even if said shirt fit you just last week...

Stretch marks? Nada.

Sleep?  Apparently, my body is prepping me for those sleepless newborn nights :(

Best moment last week? Passing my glucose test with my midwife! My first Baby Shower!

Movement?  Like crazy! I'm gonna miss feeling this sweet babe moving around inside of me once s/he's here.

Symptoms?  Linea negra is back! Just slightly darker, but more noticeable to a strangers eye. 

Had my first chiropractic appointment yesterday to see if he can help me with...oh, you know...WALKING like a normal person & without pain. As far as I'm concerned, the man is a godsend! Baby isn't on my sciatic nerve, but my sacrum is insanely overextended & is creating a ton of pressure on my L5 vertebrae, causing a lot of pain & discomfort. He gave me a minor adjustment yesterday & I will go back again on Friday for another minor adjustment. He thinks that's all I'll need in order to get my sacrum in the right spot & keep it there for the time being. Fingers crossed...

Food cravings? Nope.

Gender? We will find out on Birth Day :)

Labor signs? Nada.

Belly button in/out? It is SO weird. It's flat everywhere, except the right half, which has popped and become an outie. So...I have a half outie?

What I miss: My non-mat clothes. Sleep. Feeling comfortable, in general. Thighs that don't touch. Feeling thin.

What I am looking forward to: My next visit to the chiro.

Milestones: Baby L is about 2 1/4 pounds and 15 inches long! If s/he's going to have hair, it's there by now :)


  1. Amen to those chiropractors! And dude, you're still fit and trim. My legs are looking way too "middle age" for my liking!

  2. looking good lady! it's coming so quick!

  3. You have the most adorable baby belly that I've seen in a very long time!

  4. You are all belly my friend- such a cute bump!

  5. Totally Agree with Meredith! Cutest Baby Bump I've ever seen.

  6. I have heard of people going to chiro's throughout their pregnancy and then having much shorter labor times and much easier as well! Glad to hear that your visits may help alleviate some discomfort!!

  7. Very very cute, you are. ;) I can't believe you've gained ANY weight--the pounds don't match your picture, lol.

    I, too, am going to miss the movements inside once baby is here. I LOVE feeling her turn and kick--its the coolest ever. :)

  8. Call me slow, but you've got a BABY BUMP! It's no longer in the look at my little swell, but an honest to goodness bump! Love it!

    Also, so glad that the chiro helped!


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