Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

Baby Lukie has taken over my brain. It's a scientific fact that a woman's brain shrinks (or something like that) when she is pregnant. And the effects of Pregnancy Brain have found a place to call home, and don't seem to be leaving any time soon. Just a few examples:

-I went to Target and bought, oh, half a shopping cart full of necessities {I assure you each and every item purchased was needed, because I never go to Target & purchase anything that isn't needed. HA!} I paid the sweet cashier, she handed me my change & receipt, and I nearly walked out of the store with an empty shopping cart. Oh, yes. I left all 7 of my bags at the register.

-I went to get a much needed manicure & pedicure before our {terrible, no good, awful} cruise way back in February. {I know, I never blogged about our cruise. Perhaps because it wasn't any fun, and I didn't want to bring anyone down with a sob story about how I despise cruises and hope to never go on one again...even though I'll have to again next February for work} Anyway, I get done with my nail appointment and walk out to the car. I search, search, search for my keys, to no avail. I retrace my steps. I go back into the salon & ask if they have seen my keys. Nope. I start to panic, slightly. Walk back to my car, yank on the door handle and, wouldn't you know it? My keys were in the ignition!

-We went to Lake Havasu for the 4th of July holiday. We were out on the boat  and Mr. Lukie was digging through the ice chest looking for a bottle of water for me. He grabbed a huge chunk of ice that had melted together and tossed it out into the lake. Without even thinking about what I was about to say, I blurted out, "Oh my gosh! Ice floats?"

-Mr. Lukie needs to take August 13th off of work for our second to last birthing class. I have asked him, no less than 6 times, if he has requested or received August 13th off from work. He has answered me, no less than 6 times. Why can't I remember if he did or did not get it off?

-I feed the dogs almost every single morning. The brown dog has to take a special medicine every other day with breakfast. Her bowl is smaller than the black dogs bowl. I have the same routine every morning--remove the dog bowls from the top of the dog food container & put on countertop, unscrew container lid, set it on countertop, scoop out 1.5 cups of food for the black dog and 1 cup of food for the brown dog. If it is pill day, put the pill in the brown dogs bowl (the small one), set brown dogs bowl next to the water dish and set black dogs bowl next to the dining room table. After the dogs were done eating, I noticed that their bowls had been switched--and Mr. Lukie was at work, so I know he didn't touch them. I was nearly positive that the dogs were playing a trick on me, until I realized how silly that sounded...

-I take my wedding ring off when I work out. I put it in one of the same two spots every time I take it off. I can't tell you how many times I look down at my left hand while driving home from the gym and panic that my wedding ring is missing! Like, literally, freak out and SWEAR I *just* had it on and have no idea what I did with it.

I know I'm not the only one out there who has experienced the joys of Pregnancy Brain. Please tell me one of your own Pregnancy Brain stories so that I can redeem myself, even if only slightly.


  1. Oh my gosh I was cracking up because I could totally relate :) This pregnancy brain is scary stuff sometimes. The other day I couldn't even remember how to turn my phone on and I thought I broke it!

  2. Oh's true. With Eli's pregnancy, I forgot my pad lock combo at the gym [with all my stuff in the locker] and kept putting the milk back in the pantry.

    I think, to some degree, that pregnancy brain sticks with you well after the baby arrives. I swear, every single morning after I shower, I apply deodorant at least two times. I never remember if I put any on and I'm always taking a whiff of my underarms just to check! Every single day.

  3. LOL!!! Oh how I don't feel so bad now! I'm somewhat scatterbrained when I'm NOT pregnant, you can imagine how bad it's been now that a large percentage of my brain cells are busy baby-making.
    I know I've done something ridiculous, but I can't remember, other than little things--like being terribly forgetful (leaving my keys, cell phone, purse, etc, anywhere and everywhere). But as soon as preggo brain lets me remember something drastic, I'll let you know how bad I have it.

  4. I hear you! I have asked Brandon the same question like 3 or 4 times, knowing full well that he has answered me. I just can't remember what he said! :)


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