Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Thank you for all of your sweet comments on Ella's birth story! I hated to break it up into 4 posts, but it was far too long to have posted in just one entry. {That and...I needed a few days to finish it up, so spreading it out over 4 days worked quite well for me!}

Today is my due date--I would have been 40 weeks pregnant today, had Miss Ella not graced us with her beauty and sweetness early.

This also means that Ella is 3 weeks old today. How does that happen? How do days and nights blend together, feeling like one hugely long, drawn out single day when you have a fussy baby, but feeling like just yesterday when you are looking at a calendar? I'll never understand the conception of time as an adult. Is it not so, SO different than your conception of time as a child?

Regardless, I have a 3 week old. And I think you've all seen enough text in this post. You've probably stopped reading it altogether and have already scrolled to the bottom for photos of Ella. Trust me, I got the oh-so-subtle hints left in the comments ;)

Sleeping Beauty--17 days old.

5 days of our favorite 'Ella Faces'

6 days old...Daddy is NOT a fan of her big flowery headbands!

Diva in the making...she "posed" like this completely on her own!


  1. Oh my goodness. She is precious. Isn't it scary and amazing how fast time goes when you have a little one. I am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Lizzy is 6 months old already. Enjoy those newborn snuggles! :)

  2. You totally got me on the "already scrolled to the bottom for photos of Ella." I just couldn't wait any longer.
    and she is precious! Look how stylish she is already, I assume she got that from her mama.
    Waaay too cute!.... Squishy squashy baby!.. and 3 weeks old already... Holy Guacamole... time literally flies.

  3. she is so, so, so precious!!!
    when my cullen was that little he used to make that same "O" face, that's what we called it ;) love it!!
    don't be surprised that the 3 weeks flew.....they just keep going faster and faster, i can not believe my baby is almost 6 months old :(

  4. She is precious! And oh my word, yes, it goes by SO STINKING FAST (says the Mama whose "baby" will be three in a few months...)

  5. she's beautiful! thanks for the pictures!! :)

  6. What a beauty! I laughed when you said your husband doesn't like the headbands because I can imagine Jared saying something similar, or at the very least rolling his eyes at me every time I put one on.

  7. WAY TOO CUTE...the "diva" pose is by far my favorite....but she is beautiful in all of them. I am sure you are soaking up every minute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are seriously making my ovaries twitch darnit!

    She's perfect.

  9. Shes Beautiful, I'm due in 7 days and every post i read of yours makes me more and more impatient!!!

  10. What a beautiful baby girl. Oh my goodness. Gee might have himself a little crush. :) Who knew giving up so much of yourself would be such an awesome thing?

  11. As a soon to be first time mom, I am scouring blogs and sites to find out what I should be buying to prepare for baby girl in those first few weeks/months. When you're up to it, maybe you could do a post on what you've learned? Fantastic finds? Favorite products? Deals? Best advice you received, etc.


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