Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Birth Story of Ella Grace - Part I

Monday, September 19th was the day that I wrote this post. I was an emotional wreck that day and anxiety had overcome me. I felt 'off,' but couldn't place the possible reasons why.

{Well, aside from the fact that I was mere weeks away from giving birth to our firstborn}

I went to bed that night, having gotten off the phone with my husband, feeling slightly better about our impending parenthood (who, exactly, decided we were ready to be parents, anyway?!) and was exhausted. It was 10pm and I was ready to get a good nights rest.

The last time I looked at the clock, wide awake, it was 3:45am. I had to be up at 6:45am to make it to the first MOPS meeting of the semester--it was my groups turn to bring brunch, and I needed to stop at the market to pick up some fruit & orange juice. In my heart of hearts, I just knew that this was the beginning of the end of my pregnancy--we would be meeting our little one very soon.

The first thing I did that morning, as I'm sure all 3rd trimester pregnant women can attest to, was use the restroom. It was then that the first, early sign of labor was upon me. I sent a text message to my midwife to let her know of my bodily happenings and she confirmed that yes, my body was preparing itself for labor; however, it could still be days, or even weeks, away. She advised me to go about my day as normal, so off to the market I went.

I was having irregular contractions throughout the MOPS meeting and continued to feel 'off.' The contractions were getting stronger and slightly more consistent, but still nothing to consider true labor just yet.

I got home from MOPS and we decided to head to the market and pick up some food, in case this was the "real thing." Walking through the market, I had to stop and breathe & slightly sway my hips through contractions. It was then that I knew we would be meeting our baby very soon.

When we got home from the market, around 2:45pm I decided to rest a little bit, since I was starting to feel the effects of 3 hours sleep the night before. I laid down on the couch while Mr. Lukie took care of some last minute details around the house. Because I was only 36 weeks 6 days pregnant at this point, we really felt that we would have plenty of time to finish everything before little Ella's arrival. (Hence the reason our master bathroom is still half painted, 19 days after starting it...)

I stood up to use the restroom and felt some pressure and then a gush of water. I looked up at Mr. Lukie, who was in the kitchen putting groceries away, and told him I needed a towel. He gave me a weird look and asked what I needed a towel for. I smiled and told him that my water had just broken, and that we would be meeting our baby soon.

[Part II to follow...]


  1. Ahh...can't wait for part 2! Congratulations!!!

  2. I just love birth stories! *sigh* More, please. ;)
    Say a prayer for Jen. She's in active labor right now!

  3. Ditto! I love this but can't wait to hear more :)

    I'm so hoping my water breaks on its own this time. I had one "oh my gosh!" moment a few days ago in the middle of the night but alas, false alarm :(

  4. YAY! I love birth stories! So cool that your water broke in a real "gush!" Just like the movies, haha!

  5. OMG!!! ... this is so exciting! I can't wait for part II... hope it's coming SOOON! what about Pics ;) ... I know I should be able to control it. But that cute peanut? Addicting we just want to see more of her...


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