Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Been A Whirlwind

I didn't intend to disappear for as long as I have, but, life had other plans. Without going into a ton of detail (for fear of a very, very long post...), bullet points will have to suffice:

  • I had not been feeling well for quite some time after Ella's birth, but chalked it up to being a new mama & being sleep deprived. Turns out, I had plugged ducts, which turned into mastitis, which turned into an abscess. We had a lot of breastfeeding issues for the first 2 or 3 weeks, which resulted in a lot of pain & trauma to my breast tissue. Apparently, an infection had set in and I was none the wiser. I was admitted to the hospital on October 24th and spent 3 days and 2 nights there on IV antibiotics. I also had 2 procedures done to try and rid my breast of the abscess. The first night I was there, Ella nor Mr. Lukie were allowed to stay with me--I'm sure you can imagine my emotional state at that time. I was a complete wreck. Not only was my 4 week old going to be away from me for the night, but so was my husband, AND I didn't have a stash of breastmilk at that point, so she had to be fed formula from a bottle. I was discharged from the hospital with a PICC line and on IV antibiotics for 8 days, hoping that would stave off the infection and allow my body to heal itself so that I could avoid surgery. Thankfully, I avoided surgery and I can now say that my body is completely healed and we are STILL exclusively breastfeeding!

  • Mr. Lukie had rotator cuff surgery November 9th, so I have been taking care of Ella and Mr. Lukie. I now think I was completely off my rocker when I swore up & down that I wanted twins. I fully retract that statement!

  • Ella was diagnosed with GERD 2 weeks ago. She has been on Zantac to help manage the pain associated with acid reflux for just over 1 week, and we feel like it is definitely working, and we see signs of our sweet little angel baby coming back. Before the meds, she would scream & cry, arch her back in pain, projectile vomit, and stay awake for hours on end...we had no idea what was going on, and would just rock her & cry right along with her. My poor little baby.

  • After 8 weeks, I can finally now say that I am truly enjoying being a mama! With everything listed above that we have dealt with, I was really struggling. I had bittersweet feelings surrounding motherhood--I was loving this sweet little girl who was all mine, but I was having an incredibly difficult time breastfeeding, which just seemed to spiral the rest of my emotions out of control. Ella has begun smiling at us & cooing at us--and the things we say & do to get her to smile is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing, to say the least ;)


  1. Glad you guys made it through the hurdles and hopefully things will settle down now!

  2. Ah, you poor girl! I know how miserable an abscess can be....I had to have surgery when Adlee was 3 months old. It was the most painful, horrible experience ever! I hope you are feeling better now.....and a smiley baby makes a lot of the pains better!

  3. Oh man, that sucks! I had mastitis twice but that was nothing compared to what you went through. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your time with your little girl. She is super cute!! I hope things continue to go well for you guys!

  4. OH My! I have been wondering about you, I am so sorry you had to go through all this. But Glad things are starting to look up for you guys. That sweet lil pea looks so squisshy squashy...CUTE!
    Hope everything is alright with you guys. thanx for sharing such adorable pics.

  5. Holy COW girl. What a couple of weeks! I'm glad things seem to be slowing down and that you're settling into mama-hood :)

  6. Was wondering where you had gotten to. Glad everyone is on the mend and you're enjoying life as a mama now! Its quite amazing i must say, as my little guy turned 1 month on the 19th! Hope things stay on the up and up for you, you've got a little beauty on your hands :)

  7. Wow, you've had a lot going on! I'm glad that you are all healed up and feeling well!

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