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On Becoming A Family of Four

If you missed it in my last blog post, our family of three is becoming a family of four! Ella is going to be a big sister!

This is how we told Mr. Lukie when he got home from work one morning.

As I did previously, following up my pregnancy announcement with Ella, I thought I'd answer the same questions. The answers are sure to be quite different this time around.

1. How long were you trying to conceive, before you actually...conceived?
**We ... weren't! Baby Lukie 2.0 is as much a surprise to us as it is to you!

2. Was this time longer or shorter than you anticipated?
**Since we decided we would discuss the possibility of adding to our family when Ella turned 2 (::coughcough:: that would have been six months from now ::coughcough::), we hadn't anticipated this at all.

3. Were you using any special "methods" to assist with conception? 
**Not even close!

4. What made you decide to take a pregnancy test? (symptoms, missed period, impatient, etc)
**I was in Boulder for work and wasn't feeling quite right - insomnia, headaches, lightheadedness. I chalked it up to elevation. We got home and I noticed a horrible smell in our bedroom. I commented on it to Mr. Lukie and he looked at me like I was nuts, "WHAT smell? I don't smell anything." I told him to walk out of the room and then back in and he would definitely smell it. Nope. Nothing. That is when it hit me that I might want to take a pregnancy test the next morning - but Mr. Lukie was oblivious and I surely didn't mention a word about it to him!
5. How many pregnancy tests did you take this go-round? How many were negative, how many were positive?
**Last time, I apparently took 5. Ha! I only took 2 this time - one of the cheapy dollar store tests I had left over from Ella, and a digital that I went out and bought. The cheapy showed a very, very faint line and I just wanted to be sure before I could start to wrap my head around another baby.

6. What was your initial reaction when you saw your BFP?
**Shock. Disbelief. And then I was a ball of nerves. This baby was a complete surprise (a very, very welcome one!) so I was nervous to tell Mr. Lukie! It sounds so silly now, but it all made perfect sense to me then.

7. Who is the first person you told about your BFP?
**A girlfriend. Mr. Lukie was at work and would be for a 48-hour shift. There is no way I could have called or text him to tell him the news. But I had to tell someone!

8. When & how did you tell your spouse? How did he react?
**See photo at the top of this post. Ella wore a "Big Sis" shirt and I wore a tank top that I spent way too many hours making. I used stencils and painted the numbers 1-40 on the tank top. Then, I crossed off the numbers 1-4 (since I was guessing that I was about 4 weeks pregnant). When Mr. Lukie came home from work, Ella and I greeted him in the garage, as we always do. 

He picked Ella up and was giving her hugs and kisses when he saw my shirt. "1, 2, 3, 4 ... 40 ... is this a countdown until my 40th birthday?" (he turns 40 in July). I laughed and told him no. He kept trying to figure it out and finally, I told him to read Ella's shirt. He read it, his eyes got wide, he got tears in his eyes, and with a look of disbelief, he said, "Stop it! You're joking, right?" then he looked at his watch and said, "What day is today? Is it April Fools?"

9. How far along were you when you received your BFP?
**I'm still not really sure. 4 or 5 weeks, maybe? We aren't sure how far along I am yet and won't know until May 3rd. ::sigh:: For now, I'm going to say I was 4 weeks, 1 day pregnant when I found out.

10. How far along were you when you made your "official" pregnancy announcement? Why did you choose this time period? 
**We followed pretty true to suit from last time and told just a few days after finding out. As I said in my previous questionnaire:

We know it is unconventional to make the announcement so early on, due to the risk of miscarriage, etc.. And while we both realize that miscarriage is certainly a possibility for me still, we are of the mindset that, God forbid I miscarry, we will want and need all the support we can get from our families and friends--it is news we would have shared one way or another. We are also of the mindset that the more people we have keeping us & Baby Lukie in prayer, the better. Plus--we're not sure how anyone is able to keep this kind of news a secret for 12 whole weeks!! ;)

11. Have you told your parents yet? If so, how did you spread the good news to them? 
**Yes. I told my mom, dad, brother, and grandpa via picture text. Mr. Lukie told his mom by calling her and letting her know that she was going to be a grandma again.

12. What are your symptoms (if any) now, and how far along are you?
**Absolute opposite of last pregnancy. The only time I feel nauseous is if I wait too long between meals to eat. I'm exhausted and ready for bed by 8pm, but that isn't too far off from the norm. No bloating or heartburn or indigestion. All of my clothes are still fitting, and comfortably so. Still not positive how far along I really am, but we'll say 6 weeks, 1 day.

13. Have you been to the doctor yet? If so, how was your first prenatal appointment?
**Yes. Since "things" are not back to "regular" since having Ella, they had me come in to try and date the pregnancy. They did a pregnancy test in office, as well as bloodwork, because nothing was showing up on the ultrasound. Apparently, your HCG levels need to be 2000 or higher in order to see anything in the uterus via ultrasound. My HCG levels were only 930 (indicative of a very early pregnancy). So, I had to go in for bloodwork 48 hours later to ensure that my numbers had doubled (which would indicate a viable pregnancy, as opposed to a chemical pregnancy). 48 hours later, my numbers were 4131. 

So, while we've not yet seen the baby on ultrasound, I am definitely pregnant and we'll see what the ultrasound tells us on May 3rd. 

14. Inklings as to boy or girl? Single baby or multiple babies? 
**Boy. And, please, Lord, let there just be one in there!

15. Will you be finding out the sex of the baby?
**Nope. We're going to annoy and frustrate all of our friends and family (again). We loved not finding out until Ella was born whether she was a boy or girl, and we can't imagine doing it any other way this time!

16. Do you have any nicknames you've created already for the baby?
**Mr. Lukie has been calling baby "Baby Lukie 2.0" or just "2.0", so I'm sure one or both of those will stick. We'll see.

17. How have you changed your lifestyle (ie: eating habits, exercise routine, etc)?
**Aside from eating a TON more protein (I can't seem to get enough!), I haven't done much changing of the lifestyle. Last time, I had completely cut caffeine at this point, but this time, I haven't. I still enjoy a small cup of hot tea most mornings. I'm still eating Paleo (clean, organic, grain-free, dairy-free, and processed-free foods, as I have been for the past several years).

I'm still following the CrossFit Football programming, but have dropped my weights from maxes to just whatever feels good that day. I had one doozy of a workout when I was doing heavy back squats and felt like I was going to pass out. That was enough to convince me that my heavy, max weight lifting days are over and I'm trying to be okay with that.

18. What books (if any) are you already reading & loving?
**Haha. Nothing! Last time, I read book after book after book. This time, I don't have any plans of picking a single book up!

19. Are you showing yet? What about clothing--maternity, or regular?
**Nope. Still in all of my regular clothes. I really don't have any desire to get into maternity clothes any time soon, but I know that is just around the corner for me, if I carry anything like I did with Ella. I was out of my pre-pregnancy jeans almost immediately. My hips and thighs really, really enjoy pregnancy.

20. Have you purchased anything for Baby yet?
**Nope! I did see a few adorable fire engine outfits at Target yesterday. I wanted to get them so badly, but refrained from doing so.

Here is my 6 week photo from Instagram (mrslukie):


  1. I'm still laughing at Matt's reaction, was just telling some friends that story. And now that the shock has worn off for you, well I'll continue to be super excited for you guys :)

  2. Super exciting! Can't wait to follow along again! Congratulations!

  3. 40? Think you'll make it to 40 this time? I thought about you when I was 37 weeks pregnant. And 38. And 39. And 40. And I may have read your birth story a few times through the green eyed monster eyes of jealousy as I approached 41 weeks! ;)

    Congrats Mama. You look fantastic, as always. :)


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