Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update on Baby #2 - 20 Weeks ... Halfway There!?

How far along?  20 weeks. (20 weeks with Ella)

Total weight gain/loss? +8-9 lbs.

Maternity clothes?  Still ... hanging ... on. But by a thread, folks! I was hoping to make it this entire pregnancy without needing to get into my maternity stash (you can laugh now, I just did), but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I can wear my non-maternity jeans without a problem - but I don't think the general public would enjoy the fact that the zipper is only zipped halfway up and my button is undone. And no, the hair tie trick is not working.

Stretch marks? Nothing.

Sleep?  It's been better. I can't seem to shut my mind down at night, so it takes me awhile to actually fall asleep. On the nights that Mr. Lukie is at work (helllllo big bed all to myself!) I sleep pretty good. On the nights that he is at home, I sleep not-so-good. I've never had an issue sharing a bed with the hubby, so I'm chalking this up completely to pregnancy stuff.

Best moment last month? Still catching up with old friends in San Diego. The 4th of July. Our 20 week ultrasound (that we somehow managed to schedule 1 week early). Getting our puppy neutered. Yes, definitely a highlight of my month. He'll be 1 this month and the things he does ... my, my, my. I just hope this calms him down a touch.

Movement?  Lots of it and mostly right after I eat. Apparently, baby is a fan of Paleo! Mr. Lukie felt (and saw) baby moving for the first time on June 23rd - two days before I turned 17 weeks. That never gets old.
Symptoms?  Nothing. Still nothing!

Food cravings?  Nope. In fact, it would be helpful if I did have cravings, because then maybe I could eat enough each day. I've been scolded by my midwife that I'm not eating enough. Le sigh. It's tough when you have a full-time work from home job, a toddler to take care of, a house to maintain, oh, and a husband to try and stay connected to! It's especially hard to eat enough when you don't eat processed foods. So, I've {reluctantly} added in a tortilla here, a piece of bread there, and some brown rice.

Gender? We will find out on Birth Day! But totally, totally, totally feeling BOY.

Labor signs? None. That's a good thing ;)

Belly button in/out? Flat, flat, flat. I anticipate the next update will say "outtie."

What I miss: Not using the restroom every 3 minutes. Sleeping on my tummy. Beer. There is something about living in San Diego, in the summer, and drinking an ice cold, craft beer on your front porch after the little one goes to sleep. Or so they say. I wouldn't know, since beer isn't exactly on the approved list of beverages to consume while pregnant. But dang, I'd love one right about now! Oh, and I miss how my pregnancy with Ella seemed to drag by and take for-ev-er. This one is going by way, way too fast. Take note, my mama friends who are looking forward to Baby #2. The pregnancy will fly - and I mean FLY - by.

What I am looking forward to: Being at the CrossFit Games for work at the end of the month. Mr. Lukie's BIG birthday (shhh ... he'll be 40!) 

Milestones: The "big" ultrasound. Baby is measuring ahead by about one week, so they may or may not move my "due date" up one week. I don't put much faith into measurements on ultrasound or due dates, so this won't change things for me, but ... it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. We're at the halfway mark, folks - 20 weeks down, 20 to go!


  1. It's nice working with midwives who don't take the due date too seriously either. A lot of OBs will use it to threaten you with induction and it's nice not to have that anxiety isn't it?

    I'm so jealous of how adorable you are when pregnant!!

    And I totally laughed. Were't you saying at one point last time that you were enjoying the comfort of maternity clothes and wouldn't wait so long to get into them next time?

  2. I was JUST thinking how much I miss hearing from you on boards/fB and everything! I'm glad to see you're doing well :)


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