Saturday, September 21, 2013


At 2 years old, Ella is:

-30 inches (ish)
-wearing 18-24 month (bottoms), 24 month, and 2T tops
-cloth diapered exclusively (though when we travel, we use disposables, and she's in a size 4)
-running, jumping with both feet off the ground
-talking in 9-10 word sentences
-has all of her teeth, except for her 2 year molars
-sleeping from 8pm-8am
-napping once per day, from 1pm-2 or 3pm
-a champion eater!
-building a vocabulary of 300+ words
-can count to 10

Ella's favorite toys are:

-playhouse in the backyard (still)
-fire house, fire engines, fire guys ... you get the drift
-coloring book and crayons (still)
-plastic dinosaur, elephant, and giraffe
-Little People sets
-our dog, Bunker
-sand toys
-anything water related (pool, beach, hose)

-magnetic letters/numbers
-baby dolls/stuffed animals

Ella's favorite shows are:

-Dora the Explorer (gag!)
-Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
-Thomas the Train
-Firefighter Sam 

Ella Bean,

You are the apple of my eye and I'm pretty certain that the sun rises and sets with you. You are one of the most empathetic toddlers I know. If you hear a baby crying, even if you can't see where it is, you furrow your brow and start looking around frantically, saying, "Baby crying. Need Ella and Mama make it feel better." I remind you that all babies have their own mamas and that they will make the baby feel better. If you see a kid fall down, you want to go over and offer them lovies. Oh, sweet, sweet girl! I hope this is something that stays with you forever and you don't allow the world to change that sweet heart of yours.

Your sense of humor is out of this world. There are times when you will say or do something that is so unbelievably funny that we just roll with laughter - often times to the point of tears! We marvel at your ability, at just two years old, to know how to be intentionally funny and witty. 

You are also super into my belly/the baby right now and have been for quite awhile. Without prompting you, you lift up my shirt, pat my belly and say, "Hi baby!" then lean over and give my belly snuggles and kisses. Every night, after I read you your bedtime stories, you lift up my shirt, kiss my belly and say, "Ni ni, baby! Seep well, baby!" And just yesterday, you told me, "Baby seep wif Ella in Ella's bed? Ella want to 'nuggle baby!" I told you that you could snuggle the baby in your bed when the baby gets here, but I have a feeling you are going to think that the baby should sleep with you and not with us ... I hope you will love your new sibling as much as you do right now, with them still inside of me. I know there will be some difficult times ahead because you are used to having our undivided attention at all times, but I promise you, my girl, that our love for you will never divide.

You are such a great helper with chores right now. You love to help me unload the dishwasher, take laundry out of the dryer, put clean laundry away, feed Bunker, wash the floors/walls/whatever I happen to be scrubbing at the time, and you love to help Daddy cook. I can't believe how grown up you are and how you really do help us out - even if it takes us an extra 20 minutes to get out the door because you want to dress yourself, put your shoes on by yourself, climb in the car yourself, and get into and then buckle your car seat by yourself. "Ella do it yike a big guhl!" is a commonly heard phrase in our house these days!

Bunker is your best friend and your worst enemy. The two of you fight like human siblings and it is pretty hysterical. 

You are your Daddy's Girl, for sure, but you still need Mama when you're really hurt or when you don't feel well.

Ella Grace, my life before you was good, but my life since you is beyond explanation. You bring a whole new meaning to life and you bring everyone around you such joy. Your Daddy and I know that you are destined for amazing things. We just hope that we can provide the encouragement, support, love, and environment necessary for you to flourish and become whoever you are meant to be.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ella G. We love you to the moon and back ...

Love, Mama




  1. I still remember when I got the text message with her picture announcing "please welcome Avery Grace!" then a little while later, "Ella Grace". Happy, happy, happy birthday, sweet girl. I can't wait to see you in person in 3 months, and meet your little brother or little sister.

  2. 2 years old!! I can't believe it!! I hadn't seen pictures in so long (I miss your FB!!!) She is SO gorgeous, just like her momma!

  3. She's so pretty. It tugged at my heart reading your letter to her. Especially about how sensitive and sweet she is! It's so amazing how they have those instincts at such a little age. :) Happy birthday, Ella!

  4. Aww, she sounds like the sweetest little girl that ever was! I love this post so much :) Happy Birthday Ella!

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