Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update on Baby #2 - 28 Weeks! Hello, Third Trimester

How far along?  28 weeks (28 weeks with Ella)

Total weight gain/loss? +18-20 pounds

Maternity clothes?  We're still getting there. I just bought a pair of maternity jeans due to the ones I have from my pregnancy with Ella still being too big, but my regular jeans just barely making it anymore. Because it's been so hot, though, I've been living in running shorts and sports bras, so who needs special maternity clothes when you have such comfy, stylin' clothes like that? ;)

Stretch marks? Nope. Though, I fear this pregnancy is going to do me in here. I am carrying straight out with this baby, whereas with Ella, I was definitely out, but carried her a bit wider. My stomach is stretching at rapid speeds. Painfully so. 
Oh, and a linea negra (I know it's not a stretch mark, but I don't know where else to put this tidbit) started to appear at this time with Ella, but I'm showing no signs of one this time. Interesting ...

Sleep?  Still not super awesome. Some nights are amazing - I fall asleep right away and I don't wake up until morning. But most nights, I toss and turn, the baby moves a ton and keeps me awake, then I fall asleep and continue to wake up throughout the night - to pee, because my arm is numb, because I'm on my back and it's uncomfortable, because I'm thirsty, because I'm hot - you get the idea.

Best moment last month? Meeting my friends brand new baby boy. Celebrating my birthday.

Movement?  Alllllll the time!

Symptoms? The back pain I complained about last month has gotten much better after massage and chiro treatment. Yay! The heat has died down, too, so that complaint is also (kinda) gone. Otherwise, Braxton Hicks and pelvic pressure continue to top my list. Woohoo. Oh, and a linea negra started to appear at this time with Ella, but I'm showing no signs of one this time. Interesting ...

Food cravings? I'm just loving froyo right now. But who am I kidding, when do I not love froyo?

Gender? I am definitely carrying differently this time. I don't put much into the old wives tales, but it's still fun to speculate that because I'm carrying completely differently and because this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of Ella's, I'm for sure having a boy ;)

Labor signs? Pelvic pressure like whoa. And good ol' Braxton Hicks. But obviously, nothing like, "Ohmygoodness, I'm in labor!" signs.

Belly button in/out? Out. It can't even be concealed in shirts anymore. It's just loud and proud.

What I miss: Back to missing an ice cold beer. ::sigh::

What I am looking forward to: Ella's 2nd (!?!?) birthday. Getting all of the rooms in our house painted - finally.

Milestones: 7 month mark, which means ... we're in the third trimester, baby! Eeeesh, that came fast! If this baby was Ella, it would be here in 9 weeks. NINE. N-I-N-E. Heck no. Thankfully, this baby isn't Ella. So let's hope for at least 10 more weeks, I'd even be okay with 11, to be honest. I still have a lot of things I want to get done to the house before this baby makes his/her arrival!


  1. Pregnancy suits you ridiculously well.

  2. Good grief, it kills me how beautiful you look when you're pregnant! Almost makes me feel like I won't hate it so much next time. Then I remember what it was like for me!

    Also, I carried pretty much straight out last time and my belly got HUGE and I still didn't have any stretch marks. Not that it matters. But I think it has more to do with the elasticity of your skin. So if you didn't get any last time, chances are you won't this time either.

    Also, I put ZERO stock in any of those old wives' tails. But I still think you're having a boy!

  3. ^^^What they said about you looking lovely whilst preggo! :)
    So excited to see what you're having since you're carrying different. I always took the wives' tales with a grain of salt as well, but I've had so many moms say that carrying different is a BIG factor. I did carry exactly the same with both my girls, so it would be funny to see what carrying a boy would be like. I put in a request for less morning sickness! :D

    I LOLed at the part about the comfy clothes. That is also key in pregnancy, just comfy clothes (especially in this heat)! If you haven't seen Tim Hawkins' new DVD, which I didn't think was his best work; but the whole thing is worth it just for the "Yoga Pants" part. haha :) I'm sure every expecting Mama LOLed at that too.

  4. What a sweet pregnant lady! I still can't believe Ella is almost two!


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