Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Birth Story {Told by a 2 Year Old}

At our last appointment with the midwife, she asked how I was feeling about my impending birthing time. I told her that I was excited and really looking forward to giving birth and my birthing time with baby number 2. That I'm not nervous or anxious about it at all - I just have a sense of peace and calm about it all and can't wait to see what the second time brings with it. The only thing I'm anxious/nervous about it Ella. I'm worried about how she will react to me being in pain and making those primal moans and sounds that just naturally happen, without force or warning, when bringing a baby earthside. She nearly cries herself when I stub my toe, being the empathetic little love that she is, so I worry about her little feelings and emotions when baby is on the way.

My midwife suggested that I ask Ella if she remembers being in my tummy and if she remembers when she came out of my tummy. I know. It was a little far-fetched for me, too. But the opportunity presented itself so perfectly when Ella awoke from her nap the other day, that I figured, "What the heck - I'll ask her and just see what she has to say!" So ... here's the story:

Me: "Hi sweet pea! Did you have a good nappy?"
Ella: "Ella seep good, mama!"
Ella: "Baby seep wif Ella in Ella's crib? Ella nuggle baby. Baby come? Baby come out mama's tummy."
Me: "Awww, we'll see about the baby sleeping in your crib, sweet girl. But you can snuggle the baby all you want once it comes!"
::Ella smiles and gets shy/bashful::
Me: "Ella, do you remember being in Mama's tummy?"
Ella: "Yes!"
Me: "You do?! What was it like in there?"
Ella: "Dark. And water. Youd - boom boom, boom boom."
{Youd=loud. "Boom boom" is what she says the baby's heart sounds like when she listens via the fetoscope and/or doppler at my midwife appointments)
Me: "Oh, wow! Do you remember coming out of mama's tummy?"
Ella: "Yes!"
Me: "What was that like?"
Ella: "Youd. And a box, Mama! Den, water allllll gone!" (while signing "all gone" with her hands)
Me: "Ella, did Mama make any noises when you were coming out of her tummy?"
Ella: "Yes! Youd! Grrrrrrr!" (while clenching her fists and gritting her teeth)
Me: "Ohhhh! What did you see when you came out of Mama's tummy?"
Ella: "Dada and Miss Karen."

So, we haven't discussed any of this stuff with or in front of Ella. Ever. In fact, we've never even discussed/told Ella that her Daddy caught her when she was born. Nor that Miss Karen (my midwife) had anything to do with her birth. And the fact that she said her daddy and Miss Karen were what she saw when she arrived? She was spot on. Mr. Lukie caught her and Karen was right behind him, looking over his shoulder. Those are the first two people, the first things at all, that she saw upon making it earthside.

You can think I'm a nut (it's okay, I might, too, if I were reading a blog and someone put this out there, prior to my experience). But I believe every word of Ella's birth story, as told by herself. And I still get the chills when I read it or retell it. I just had to document it all here, before I forget the details and the words she used to describe her experience.


  1. Wow

    No words

    Except maybe, this is crazy! (not in a crazy way but in a "holy cow, that is amazing" kind of way).


  2. Wow I really believe that she remembers her birth. She gives details like darkness, water, the sound of a heartbeat and the people who were there. She would have no way of knowing that stuff. This is really interesting and incredible. Ella is old enough to communicate but still young enough to remember what she went through. It gave me chills to read it so I can imagine it really gave you chills being her Mother and having her tell you that story.

  3. Wow. So fascinating. And I don't think this sounds crazy at all!

    The woman who was our doula told me about a midwife she shadowed who said something similar - that little ones can remember all or parts of their births. She told her about a birth where a baby's shoulders were stuck coming out of the birth canal. As he grew up, one of his favorite games was squeezing to tight places. When we could talk, he still liked to go in to tight spaces, stick his head out, and then shout, "I'm stuck, I'm stuck!" until one of his parents would come to 'rescue him'. When the midwife heard about this, she was positive that he was having fun reenacting his birth, the details of which his parents hadn't really gone into with him.

    I'm totally going to ask Tee if he remembers anything about being born when he's old enough to have a conversation!


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