Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update on Baby #2 - 32 Weeks!

How far along?  32 weeks (32 weeks with Ella)

Total weight gain/loss? +21-23 pounds

Maternity clothes?  Mixing and matching. I haven't worn the maternity jeans I bought and now I'm wondering if it's too late to take them back? With only 5-8 weeks left, I don't think I'll wear them. ALL of my tops are too short, though, which is frustrating/annoying. But at this point, I refuse to buy any maternity clothes because I'll get so little use out of them!

Stretch marks? Still nothing. And still no linea negra.

Sleep?  It's been a bummer lately. I seem to toss and turn and the baby seems to move and keep me awake until about 11:30 or midnight every night. And this sweet little toddler of mine has decided to stop sleeping until 8 or 8:30am and has decided to start waking around 6:45am. Ouch.

Best moment last month? The two massages I got ... ahhh! Ordering my new iPhone. Ella's 2nd birthday. Attending a Red Tent Event put on by my midwife, her assistant, and a few other "birth" friends. My girlfriend did henna on my belly - the Tree of Life - it was so fun!

Movement?  Constant!
Symptoms? Your typical third trimester woes: back pain, pelvic pressure, stretching belly pain, The Waddle, heartburn/indigestion (new one for me this time around!), frequent urination, and Braxton Hicks.

Food cravings? None. In fact, I'm back to having trouble finding anything that sounds appealing to eat at all.

Gender? Finding out on birth day, but still feeling boy. 100%.

Labor signs? Nothing like, "Ohmygoodness, I'm in labor!" signs, but the pelvic pressure and Braxton Hicks are keeping me on my toes. Mr. Lukie calls for another 5-6 weeks, max, before baby makes an appearance. He just doesn't think my body is going to hold this baby in for much longer than that. We'll see!

Belly button in/out? Out, out, out.

What I miss: Sleeping :) Being comfortable.

What I am looking forward to: My Baby Sprinkle being thrown by a sweet friend later this month. Meeting this baby!
Milestones: We're at 8 months, folks. Ca-razy. Also, my belly is officially bigger than it has ever been (even bigger than it was when I went into labor with Ella). It's a completely different shape, so from the side, it looks smaller (at least, that's what everyone keeps saying. It sure doesn't feel or look smaller to me!) This time, I'm carrying straight out - it's difficult to tell I'm pregnant from straight on, or from the back - but then I turn to the side and people's eyes get really wide. Like this girl at Panera yesterday, when I stood up from the table and turned sideways to get Ella out of her high chair. She audibly gasped and when I looked at her, she smiled and said, "Ohmygoodness! You just surprised me! I had no idea you were pregnant, I couldn't tell, and then you turned to the side and you're, like, REALLY pregnant!"


  1. So if you go to 40 weeks, baby2.0 will only be a week old when I get to meet him/her! I hope you're ready for visitors then, because I'm coming over whether you like it or not :)

  2. That's pretty much exactly how I carried with James. But I gained a tone more weight than you so I didn't look pregnant from the back and not even that much from the front, I just looked fat. But I scared a few people with the side view too. I had a few comments similar to the one you got. It's so interesting how different two pregnancies can be in the same person! I hope I get a chance to meet your new little this December! But I totally understand if you need family time to adjust and aren't ready for visitors too. One of these days, we'll get together.

  3. Wow, you're so close! You look great! :) -- Beth

  4. I've loved watching the progression and I agree with Julia; it is amazing how two pregnancies can be completely different experiences. It's fascinating!


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